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What’s Next In The Litigation Over The Obamacare Contraception Mandate?

photo courtesy of Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com via Flickr

As another federal court temporarily blocks the mandate from taking effect, what comes next in the fight for comprehensive reproductive health care coverage?

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The Legal Challenge To Obamacare Nobody’s Talking About But Should

photo courtesy of LaDonna's pics via Flickr

Think conservatives have given up on their constitutional challenges to the individual mandate? Think again.

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Reflections On My One-Year Anniversary: Latinas Hold the Power and Potential of This Nation’s Future

In the whirlwind of policy debates and activist conferences, it is easy to gloss over the victories we’ve accomplished together this past year. As I look forward to my next year, I’m glad to have such powerful hermanas beside me because we still have much work to tackle. 

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More Pressure on Catholic Voters: Priests and Bishops Tell Parishoners Their Souls Are in Danger

Photo: BreitBart.com.

Catholic bishops continue to try and exert their will on religious voters.

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Using “Religious Liberty” to Hide Religious Overreach

We have been hearing plenty about “religious liberty” lately. Now let’s see who’s using the term “religious liberty” in a novel way, trying to conceal a campaign of religious overreach.

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Kentucky Legislature Will Vote on Legislation to Ban Abortion Coverage In State Health Exchange

Kentucky Representative Stan Lee. Photo: Facebook.

Abortions already won’t be covered, but one lawmaker wants to be really, really sure.

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Census: Low-Income People Still Lack Access to Health Care

If we are truly committed to communities of color, it is imperative that reproductive health and justice communities work to expand access to health care for low-income people. 

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Women’s Labor Union Sues To Stop Missouri Law Allowing Employers to Deny Contraceptive Coverage

Edward Keenan. Photo: Missouri Watchdog.

The state legislature passed it.  The governor vetoed it.  The legislature overrode it.  Now, one labor group steps in to sue the state’s contraceptive coverage refusal law from going into effect.

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Hobby Lobby Files Suit Opposing Affordable Care Act Birth Control Benefit

Photo: Ranunculusadventure/Blogspot.

The retailer claims being forced to cover IUDs and emergency contraception violates their religious rights.  But what effect would the coverage have for their female employees?

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Ryan Would Repeal Affordable Care Act Despite Using It to Fund Projects in His District

Just because he opposes health care reform doesn’t mean he didn’t want a piece of the pie.

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