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Yes, Camille Paglia, Let’s Put Sex Back in Sex Ed—But Not Fear, Shame, or Stereotypes

sex education chalkboard

In a recent editorial, Paglia argues for moving toward a sex ed model in which young people learn reproductive biology in one class, study sexually transmitted diseases in another, and get a healthy dose of fear, shame, and gender stereotypes in yet another. But sexuality educators disagree.

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Mississippi Sex Ed Law Leads to Reshuffled, But Not Improved, Curricula

just adding a lesson about contraception cannot turn a fear- and shame-based program into anything better.

Having spent much of my career reviewing abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula and material, I can promise that just adding a lesson about contraception cannot turn a fear- and shame-based program into anything better.

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This Week in Sex: An HIV Shot, Cuts to Abstinence-Only Funding, and the STD Alphabet Game

Scientists are testing a shot that could prevent HIV for up to three months at a time.

This week, scientists test a shot that could prevent HIV for up to three months at a time, President Obama’s budget calls for cutting abstinence-only-until-marriage funding, and many Americans apparently mix up their HPV and their HTML.

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Shame From All Angles: Why Doesn’t Anyone Seem to Respect Teen Parents?

Instead of society saying "Didn't you see the ads? Why didn't you listen? It's all your fault," they should be wondering why decades of scary campaigns haven't worked and start providing support rather than shame.

A Nebraska judge recently ruled that a pregnant teen in foster care could not have the abortion she was seeking. Many people have pointed out the irony of her being too young to make decisions, but old enough to parent—but the issues at stake here go much deeper.

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Illinois Governor Signs New Sex Education Law, But Some Abstinence-Only Proponents Say They Aren’t Worried

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a bill Wednesday to punish any physician in the state who is found to perform sex-selective abortions.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn recently signed a law requiring all schools in the state that teach sex education to include accurate information about birth control and STDs. This is quite a change from the current state law, which emphasizes abstinence, still, many are saying that schools—even those who use abstinence-only curricula—will not have to change much.

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In Kansas, Employees of Abortion Providers Not Allowed to Volunteer at Schools

The bill would prevent anyone who works for an abortion provider from volunteering at their child’s school.

It distresses me that anti-choice politics could threaten my relationship with at-risk middle school students.

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Sex Education in South Carolina Still Failing 25 Years After Passage of Comprehensive Law

(MPB Online)

South Carolina was ahead of the curve in adopting a mandate for health education, which includes a reproductive health component, in 1988. A new report suggests, however, that 25-years later many school districts aren’t following the mandate and students are still not getting the education they should. 

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Sexual Health Roundup: Arousal Helps Us Forget that Sex Can be Gross

A new survey shows women underestimate their risk of pregnancy and don’t know enough about contraception; research out of the Netherlands finds arousal helps us get past the “ickiness” factor in sex; and schools in Texas broaden their approach to sex ed. 

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Clovis School District: Sex Education that Gets an “F”

California state law mandates that sexual health education in public schools be comprehensive, medically accurate, science-based, and bias-free. So why are Clovis Unified High Schools teaching teens from a book that makes no mention of condoms, even in chapters about HIV/AIDS and on preventing STDs and unintended pregnancy?

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Sexual Health Roundup: Blacks, Latinos Support Contraception; Mississippi Chooses Failed Sex Ed Programs

New poll finds African Americans and Latinos support broad access to contraception and sex education; Mississippi school districts overwhelmingly choose failed sex ed.

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