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Which State Will Be “Most Protective” In 2013?


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the “most protective” state of all?

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Iowa Antis Want Stricter Abortion Restrictions Because, They Claim, Doctors Are Diagnosing Women’s Health!

Photo: Omada Idachaba MD.

Apparenty in Iowa, only politicians should decide if a woman’s health is at risk?

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Ensuring Access to Safe, Legal Abortion: A Global Movement Grows

Nigeria postabortion care counseling. Photo: Amy Coughlin.

Maternal deaths caused by unsafe abortion are both devastating for the families involved and detrimental to their larger community. Guaranteeing access to safe, legal abortion— and removing barriers to access in countries where abortion is legal—is essential to saving women’s lives and reversing these tragic statistics.

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Rep. Bruce Rendon’s Anti-Abortion “Super-Bill” On Fast Track in Michigan Legislature

Michigan State Rep. Bruce Rendon

Rendon’s HB 5711 is the first bill in the state to roll so many abortion restrictions into one package, threatening to create serious barriers to abortion access for both abortion-seeking women and abortion providers in one fell swoop.

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House Forces D.C. To Continue Ban On Using Medicaid To Pay for Abortions for Poor Women

[img src]

The latest proposed House budget shows the Republicans are still intent on using their authority to boss around District residents.

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Florida Congressman Recommends Jailing Women Who Get Abortions

Well, that should help that overcrowding in prisons issue.

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Losing the Right to Abortion, Week by Week: Restrictions on Later-Term Abortions Harm Women

The landscape for abortion access is shifting quickly, as state after state passes restrictive laws. Particularly affected by these new laws are women who need abortions later in their pregnancies.

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State Policy Trends: Abortion and Contraception in the Crosshairs

Photo by Scott Emlquist, Style Weekly.

So far, 75 abortion restrictions have been approved by at least one legislative chamber, and nine have been enacted. Here’s a breakdown of the measures that legislators are focused on this year.

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Protecting Our Daughters from Government Intrusion: The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

Parents rightfully want to be involved in their teens’ lives, but if my daughter feels that she cannot talk to me at a big turning point in her life, it is most important that she have a trusted adult by her side. That is why I am so concerned about HR 2299, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act of 2012.

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The Abortion Blog – A Lifetime in the Conceiving

My dear politicians: I will not ask you to give me my rights. I already have my rights. I know my rights. You do not tell me what they are. I tell YOU. You will NOT deny me or my sisters the right to a medical procedure.

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