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Poll: African Americans Support Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care

A nationally-representative poll shows that African Americans overwhelmingly support keeping abortion legal and believe that women in our community should be able to get it safely when they need it.

A nationally-representative poll found that African Americans overwhelmingly support keeping abortion legal and believe that women in our community should have access to safe abortion care when they need it.

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Philadelphia Becomes Third City to Pass Resolution Supporting Reproductive Health Care

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

As of last week, the Philadelphia Board of Health has avowed it will firmly stand behind the right to comprehensive reproductive health and abortion care.

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From the Ground Up: Restoring Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care


What if elected officials strongly and unequivocally spoke out in support of insurance coverage for abortion?

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Resolution 1635-A: The Full Text of the New York City Bill Commemorating Roe at 40

(NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

The following full text of the New York City Council Committee on Women’s Issues’ Resolution 1635-A.

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Resolution 1635-A: A Progressive Action That Meets the Real Needs of American Women and Families

Andrea's original testimony document. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

This resolution epitomizes the kind of bold, forward-thinking action that cities and municipalities across the country can and do take to meet the real needs of women and families.

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Advocating for Safe Abortion Care: Why Passing New York City’s Resolution 1635A is So Important

Audience at the Council hearing on January 18th. (NARAL Pro-Choice New York/flickr)

Each woman should have coverage for the full range of reproductive health care, regardless of how her insurance is paid for, to ensure that she has the means to access safe medical care from a trained provider.

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President Obama: Women Stood for You. Stand With Us and Remove Abortion Restrictions From Your Budget

(Steve Rhodes/Creative Commons license via ANSIRH blog)

We put President Obama into office. Now my generation must hold Obama accountable to his commitments, including urging him to submit a budget to Congress without unfair restrictions on coverage for abortion care. Obama Administration, take note that women will be watching to see if you live up to your commitments to women’s health care.

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ACLU Wins a Round for Reproductive Justice and Advances Gender Discrimination Argument

The ACLU won a round this week in its court challenge to a Kansas law over the Kansas requirement that women be required to purchase supplemental insurance riders in order to obtain abortion coverage on their personal insurance policies. 

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Keep Religious Restrictions Out of the Tax Code

As a rabbi, I have to say, money is only part of the issue surrounding this abortion tax hike. My concern is really about a religious minority – so extreme and desperate in an anti-abortion position and inventiveness – that it is turning to the tax code to pressure all of us to live by their restrictive faith teachings.

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State Legislative Trends: Hostility to Abortion Rights Increases

Three topics — insurance coverage of abortion, restriction of abortion after a specific point in gestation and ultrasound requirements — are topping the agenda in several states.

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