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Alabama Anti-Choice Activists Request Even More Stringent Abortion Regulations

In a conference room at the RSA Tower (above) in Montgomery, Alabama, Department of Public Health officials heard testimony Thursday.

Alabama anti-choice activists asked the state health department Thursday to implement even stricter regulations on clinics that provide reproductive health care.

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Man Who Plead Not Guilty To Firebombing Florida Clinic To Have Change Of Plea Hearing

Bobby Joe Rogers. (img src)

The man who confessed to arson at the Pensacola reproductive health clinic not wants to change his not guilty plea.

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Wichita “Pro-Life Memorial” Backers Specialize in Terrorizing Women and Physicians

Wichita Police arrest Mark Holick in Wichita, Kansas.

The planned memorial is the latest fleeting desperate attempt at notoriety for a couple of washed up anti-choice terrorists in a town with no one left to terrorize. And yet, it could serve as a terrorist training ground for spreading extremism.

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Wichita Anti-Choice Leaders Raising Funds for Multi-Million Dollar “Pro-Life Memorial” As Children Suffer From Budget Cuts

Artist's sketch of the International Pro-life Center. More details in this PDF.

In the midst of an economic crisis worsened by its “pro-life” Governor’s own policies, Kansas may be getting a great-big Liberace-esque multi-million dollar “pro-life memorial.”  A group led by Wichita anti-choice terrorist leaders, Mark Rotola and Mark Holick, has embarked upon what they are calling an “ambitious project,” but would more aptly be dubbed a monument of their perceived victory by assassination.

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Cyber Threats Yet Another Frontier in Anti-choice Arsenal

[img src]

Recent cyber attacks on the British Pregnancy Advisory Service are a wake-up call reminding clinics that they should consider cyber security as part of an overall security strategy.

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Violent Rhetoric Has Consequences—Just Ask Abortion Providers

Unfortunately, discussion about violent rhetoric and its consequenses is not new to the abortion provider community. Since 1993, there have been eight murders and 17 attempted murders of physicians and clinic staff.

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Dr. Tiller Murdered Again by NBC’s Law and Order

When members of the Abortion Care Network learned that NBC’s Law and Order would do a “ripped from the headlines” episode on the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, many of us were upset. Now that we have seen it, we are furious.

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The Dangerous Complacency of Victory

The worst years of abortion clinic violence occurred during the Clinton presidency. Without a “friend in the White House,” will anti-abortion extremists ratchet up violence against clinics again? Hoffman, an abortion provider, shares her fears.

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