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Roe v. Wade and Recovering from Shame

(Favianna Rodriguez, www.favianna.com)

After making it past numerous financial and legal roadblocks, choosing an abortion is still not an easy thing to go through.

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A New Generation of Abortion Activists: Destigmatizing Abortion in Kentucky

VOX member at University of Kentucky responds to graphic anti-abortion posters on campus. (bluecoastlive.wordpress.com)

If we can’t even talk about abortion, we can’t ever hope to change the stigma.

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A New Day for Abortion Providers?

(Ms. Magazine)

The “new day” that David Bennett dreamed of on January 22, 1973 can only happen if there is a forceful stand by this majority in support of these doctors and against both the violence and legislative persecution that has characterized abortion care in the United States.

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A New Generation of Abortion Activists: Shaping the Future

Young activists working with Advocates for Youth

By sharing their stories, young people are creating spaces where we as a society can think about issues in terms of people’s realities and not political debates. Stories dispel myths, break down stereotypes, humanize issues, and invoke empathy and urgency, inspiring people who heard them to take action.

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The Originalist Argument for Abortion Rights: Compulsory Childbearing During Antebellum Slavery and Its Relevance Today


There is no mention of abortion in the Constitution so it can’t be protected. However, in a recent essay, Andrew Koppelman challenges this assertion on originalist grounds: forced reproduction was intrinsic to slavery, which the framers of the Thirteenth Amendment sought to prohibit.  

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Growing Up With Roe: How a Trip to the Eye Doctor Created a Lifelong Advocate for Reproductive Rights


As Roe v. Wade and I turn 40, we get closer to middle age. A little wiser and more battle-worn than we were at 16. We know more than we did then about how and why abortion must remain safe and legal. 

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On the Anniversary of Roe, Silence Surrounds a Woman’s Fundamental Rights in Jackson, Mississippi

Protesters outside the Jackson Women's Health Org stand up for women's abortion rights. (Robin Marty)

When only one side feels comfortable discussing abortion, the issue will inevitably seem settled.

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Politicians Didn’t Walk With Me Through My Life. They Don’t Belong In My Bedroom

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However a person feels about abortion, it’s not their place to make that personal decision for someone else. And it’s certainly not the place of our elected officials.

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Taking Action: Making Roe Real for All Women

Norma McCorvey (or "Jane Roe" in Roe v. Wade) and lawyer Gloria Allred (right), in 1989. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

 On this 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we honor and celebrate US women’s legal right to abortion, and we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that abortion is accessible to women everywhere, and that the promise of the decision is a reality for all of us.

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One in Three: These Are Our Abortion Stories

To coincide with the 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, Advocates for Youth has published a book compiled from 40 stories submitted to the 1 in 3 Campaign. This article is the introduction to 1 in 3: These Are Our Stories.

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