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Will LGBT Voters Have the Final Say on Who Is President?

Photo: Gallup Politics.

With a razor thin margin in some swing states, LGBT voters may tip the election.

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Second Presidential Debate Still Too Glossy on Women’s Economic Issues

Come November 7th, there are deeper questions to be tackled by both the President and Congress regarding issues of poverty that disproportionately impact women.

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Presidential Campaigns Protest Suggestion that Crowley Might Actually Moderate the Debate

CNN anchor and chief political correspondent Candy Crowley. Photo: Los Angeles Times.

It’s Okay for a woman to relay information, but, OMG! What if she asks a follow-up question?

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Catholics Not Concerned About Abortion, Gay Marriage, Says Catholics For Choice Poll

Photo: The Pragmatic Pundit.

Regardless of what church leaders encourage at the pulpit, a majority of Catholics believe voting with their bishops isn’t mandatory.

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Activist Groups May Determine the Role of Choice in the Election

A new Gallup survey has the line evenly divided between pro-choice and anti-choice voters. Will PACs put candidates on top?

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Romney Reaches For Religion But Is He Losing His Grasp?

When all else fails, Romney’s ready to focus on religion.  But will that backfire, too?

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New Ad Says Romney Would Take Women Back To the Fifties

Advertisement: James Vaughn/Flickr.

A new ad from the Obama campaign reiterates Romney’s position against helping women access contraception.

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Romney 2005: “I’m Personally Pro-Life But I Won’t Change The Laws”

Romney's official Massachusetts governor portrait.

Having it both ways on choice has always been Romney’s style.


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V.P. Or Not V.P., Choice Is The Question

[img src]

No one really expects Romney to pick Condi Rice for his running mate, but the rumor has taught us much about the Republican Party.

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Romney Booed At NAACP, Outed By Boston Globe

It’s been a rough few days for the Republican presidential candidate.

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