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Arkansas House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban with No Exceptions

Arkansas House meeting on Monday, 02/04/13. (Lee Hogan/Arkansas Online)

Rape, incest, and fetal anomalies aren’t good enough reasons for an abortion after 20 weeks in Arkansas, according to the House.

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Georgia Follows Virginia’s Lead, Plans to Try to Repeal 22-Week Gestation Ban

Georgia Senator Nan Orrock, left (with Rep.Virgil Fludd). (World News, Inc.)

The much maligned and now court embroiled so-called “fetal pain” ban in Georgia probably won’t be overturned, but Democrats will give it a try.

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Rick Perry: “Make Abortion at Any Stage a Thing of the Past”

Gov. Rick Perry addresses a news conference at The Source for Women in Houston on Tuesday, 12/11. Photo: AP.

Like all anti-abortion politicians, the claim of “fetal pain” is really an excuse to end abortion all together.

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British Minister Says “People’s Views” Are Why Abortion Limit Should Be Rolled Back

British Minister for Women and Equalities Maria Miller. Photo: The Guardian.

Well, at least she’s not trying to cage her remarks in fake science.

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Briefs in Support of Arizona’s Pre-Viability Ban Show The Evolution of a Legal Challenge to Roe

photo courtesy of World Cant Wait via Flickr

Briefs filed in support of Arizona’s 20 week abortion ban show the evolution of the anti-choice legal strategy against Roe v. Wade.

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Cybersecurity Bill Dies in Part Due to D.C. 20 Week Abortion Ban

Rep. Mike Lee. Steve C. Wilson/AP.

Sen. Mike Lee helps kill the bill with his anti-choice amendment.

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Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to House GOP: Stop Bullying D.C. Women With Your Far Right Views

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton

As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to mark up the D.C. 20-week abortion ban, the District’s sole representative tells the GOP to stop using the women of the city as their pawns.

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McKillip Defends His 20-Week No-Exceptions Abortion Ban on Specious Grounds

Image & video via the AthensPatch.

I know I always let the insurance folk make my medical decisions.

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Georgia 20-Week Ban Sponsor Criticized Over Bill By Primary Rival

Rep. Doug McKillip

Is McKillip’s anti-choice advocacy coming back to haunt him?

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Reagan and the “Fetal Pain” Ban

[img src]

From ketchup as a vegetable to the newest pre-viability ban, the Ronald Reagan legacy just keeps on giving.

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