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This Week in Sex: Meningitis at Princeton, the Cheneys’ Public Dispute, and Herpes on a Library Book

(From left) Liz and Mary Cheney.

This week, Princeton University deals with an outbreak of meningitis, former VP Dick Cheney makes a public statement as his daughters disagree publicly over the legalization of same-sex marriage, and a scientist finds herpes on a library copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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‘RH Reality Check’ State of Abortion Database Updated With Responses From Nearly Every State


Our searchable tool has been updated to include final responses from 48 state attorneys general and 41 state health departments about a wide range of issues involving abortion. The additional responses support our earlier analysis—that abortion in the United States is overwhelmingly safe and highly regulated.

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Legal Wrap: When Will the Obama Administration Stop Playing Politics With EC?

A federal judge blasts the Obama administration on emergency contraception, and the battle over Arkansas' 12-week abortion ban heats up.

This week, a federal judge blasted the Obama administration on emergency contraception, and the battle over Arkansas’ 12-week abortion ban heated up.

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State Policy Trends 2013: Abortion Bans Move to the Forefront


Unlike in recent years, when the thrust of legislative activity was on regulating abortion, this year legislators seem to be focusing on banning abortion outright.

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Wyoming Legislative Committee Rejects “Informed Consent” Bill as Medically Unnecessary

Wyoming Capitol. (Amy Richards/TSM via KGAB)

Wyoming has a common sense approach to abortion, let doctors decide the protocol, not legislators.

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Wyoming Kills Heartbeat Bill While Arkansas Proposes Their Own

Senator Jason Rapert. (Arkansas Times)

If you strike one down, two more shall grow back in its place.

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Wyoming Legislature Will See Heartbeat Ban, Potential Ultrasound Bill in 2013

(CBS 5)

Wyoming is usually known for its desire to see less government. That doesn’t count when it comes to anti-abortion legislation.

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Jackson Hole United Organizes Against Operation Save America, And Wins

Jackson Hole United catchphrase/logo. [img src]

“Human Detour” efforts from the group Jackson Hole United have kept the chaos — and the interactions with protesters — to a minimum in an effort to promote “civility, compassion, and love.”

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Pushback In Jackson Hole Forces “Missionaries” To Cancel Day Two of Protests

Missionaries to the Preborn with their "truthtruck" at the Obama Inaugural in DC, 2009. [src]

Looks like the Wisconsin anti-choice protest group doesn’t deal well with opposition.

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The Next Phase Of States Of Refuge: God Punishing Wyoming With “Evils” Because of Abortion

Flip Benham at the 9/11 protest in 2010. [img src]

Look out, Wyoming, it’s your turn to host the States of Refuge team! 

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