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In Utah and Around the World, Young Activists Face Similar Issues

It’s important for us to support those young people around the world who share our values and find themselves in similar restrictive situations and oppressive religious environments.

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Well-Connected Utah GOP-Tea Party Fundraiser Accused of Multiple Rapes

Talking Points Memo.

A prominent GOP/Tea Party fundraiser, with strong connections to other prominent GOP leaders, has been accused of mulitple counts of rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

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Utah Legislator Pushes for Sex-Selective Abortion Ban

Margaret Dayton at her laptop. [img src]

A national attempt to ban abortions that are sought solely because of the gender of the fetus may not have succeeded, but one Utah legislator believes it might be worth investigating to see if the state needs its own bill to address the alleged problem.

Via The Daily Herald:

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Doctor Proposes $50,000 Impregnation Fine to End Abortion

[img src]

Well, I guess that’s one way to make sure every pregnancy is intentional.

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Utah Lawmaker Proposes Sex Ed for Parents (For All the Wrong Reasons)

Utah State Senator Stuart Reid (R-Ogden) is proposing legislation that would offer sexuality education to parents and then allow parents to choose whether their children receive similar education in school.  Before you start applauding know that his ultimate goal is to see more young people “opted out” of sexuality education in Utah schools.    

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Utah Columnist Demands 72-Hour Wait On Pretty Much Everything

Image: Getty. [src]

If waiting for an abortion is a good consumer protection law, why not apply it to more things?

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Utah 72-Hour Waiting Period To Begin This Week

PP Utah Director, Karrie Galloway. [img src]

If the law goes into effect, it will be the nation’s longest waiting period, and other states will be likely to follow suit.

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Romney and Corbett: “Shared Values” on Forced Ultrasound

Romney and Corbett both want power, for themselves. And they are willing to demean women to get it.

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Utah Legisalators Think 72-Hour Wait Necessary To “Think About What You Are Doing”

Next, they intend to pass a law sending women to their rooms without dinner.

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Idaho Senator Apologizes for Rape Remark, Then Suggests Women Get “Rape Test” to Tell Them If They’ve Been Raped

[orgnl img src]

Oh, Chuck Winder, you need to stop trying to talk about medical procedures…

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