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Even With the FAMILY Act, Many Families Would Continue to Struggle

The Congressional Budget Office's new report found the Affordable Care Act could result in a reduction in workforce participation by approximately two million full-time workers in 2017. Conservative columnists are freaking out, but, even if the right is right, that may not be a bad thing at all.

Slowly, real efforts to transform the false work-family dichotomy are emerging, both through legislation as well as through employer initiatives. Programs like paid family leave and on-site child care can help working families over the long haul—yet it is rare to find either offered to low-wage workers in this country.

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‘RH Reality Check’ State of Abortion Database Updated With Responses From Nearly Every State


Our searchable tool has been updated to include final responses from 48 state attorneys general and 41 state health departments about a wide range of issues involving abortion. The additional responses support our earlier analysis—that abortion in the United States is overwhelmingly safe and highly regulated.

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Repro Wrap: ‘Choose Life’ Plates Vetoed, ‘Personhood’ Rejected, and Texas Solidarity Marches Spread

Pro-choice activists across the country fed off the momentum from Texas.

This week, some anti-choice efforts hit roadblocks, while pro-choice activists across the country fed off the momentum from Texas.

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Living on the Edge of a Permanent Fiscal Cliff: Minimum Wage Workers See Few Gains

Photo: humanevents.com.

While the “fiscal cliff” dominated the news ad nauseum, ten states quietly increased their minimum wage, effective January 1. A whopping 59 percent of all minimum wage earners are women.

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California Anti-Shackling Law Awaits Brown’s Signature

photo courtesy of jeaneeem via Flickr

The California legislature unanimously passed a bill banning the use of restraints on pregnant women. Will the governor sign it?

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Rhode Island Ultrasound Bill Countered With “Keep The State Out Of Pregnancy” Bill

Rep. Edith H. Ajello. [img src]

In an attempt to battle anti-abortion restrictions, a committee chairwoman introduces a bill of her own.

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Rhode Island “Planned Parenthood Didn’t Help Me!” Forced Ultrasound Bill To Be Debated In The House

The House judiciary committee will decide whether or not to move the bill onto the floor for a vote.

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Doctor: Ultrasound Laws Turn Ultrasounds Into “Torture Machines”

Perhaps the clearest explanation of why reproductive health experts are against mandatory ultrasound bills even if ultrasounds are often a part of getting an abortion.

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