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As Steubenville Rape Trial Opens, Victim-Blaming Begins in Court of Law and Public Opinion

The Supreme Court could decide as early as Thursday whether its next term will include a major abortion-rights case.

Trial starts in the case charging two high school football players with rape, and not surprisingly, the defense is arguing consent.

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Eighteen For-Profit Companies Fighting to Eliminate the Birth Control Benefit

18 for-profit companies have filed lawsuits against providing birth control coverage for their employees as part of employee health care under the Affordable Care Act. Here's a brief introduction to those companies.

Eighteen for-profit companies have filed lawsuits to overturn the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act, which requires that all insurance policies cover birth control without a co-pay as part of preventive care. These companies argue that including insurance coverage for birth control “violates their religious freedom.” Here’s a brief introduction to those companies and their cases.

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STOKING FIRE: Increase in Legal Abortions in South Africa Galvanizes Anti-Choicers

Anti-choicers protest in South Africa using familiar tactics. (frontline.org.za)

Aaron Motsoaledi, South Africa’s health minister, reported that 77,771 legal abortions were performed in 2011, a 31 percent increase over 2010. This statistic has rattled the country’s growing anti-abortion movement, sending it into a frenzy of activity to roll back the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act passed 16 years ago.

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Trends in Union Membership Indicate Weak Job Prospects for Women


The narrative of the American worker, and by extension women’s economic status, continues to take a troubling turn in the United States, with the decline of stable public-sector positions as well as weakening labor unions.

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Can We Pass CEDAW?


We find that ratification of CEDAW leads to real, concrete changes in the lives of women and girls. Yet, inconceivably, the United States is one of only seven countries that has yet to ratify CEDAW, keeping company with the likes of Iran and Somalia. But the moment is upon us. 

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Steubenville, Texas Family Planning, and Virginia Abortion Restrictions

Andrea Grimes updates us on what’s happening to Texas family planning funding. Also: review of the Steubenville rape case and a look at Virginia’s new abortion regulations.

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Promote the Personhood of Fertilized Eggs! Win $5,000 Cash!

If the fertilized egg as person movement wasn’t already showing signs of jumping the shark, now they are bribing people into supporting them.

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Ohio GOP Leader Promises Heartbeat Ban Will Be Back in 2013

House Speaker Bill Batchelder. Photo: blog.cleveland.com.

The Ohio legislature hasn’t even sworn in yet and its new Speaker is already promising to bring up the Heartbeat Ban.

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Texas Abortion Drug Bill Could Mean More Side Effects and Higher Costs

A pharmacist with Mifepristone.

A GOP lawmaker is looking to make Texas the latest state to restrict the use of abortion medications in a way that some experts warn could increase the drugs’ side effects while making them more expensive.

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Ohio Senate Approves Anti-Choice Leader for State Medical Board

Michael Gonidakis. Photo: Andrew Spear/The New York Times.

The state senate has confirmed Ohio Right to Life President Michael Gonidakis.

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