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Ohio Lawmakers Work to Prohibit Teaching About ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’

young couple sitting closely on couch

Touching thighs is, according to Ohio lawmakers, a gateway to other sexual activity and they would like to see anyone who teaches about it in school subject to a $5,000 fine.

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What Happened to the Incremental Approach Among Anti-Choice Politicians?

The latest wave of clinic closures in Texas illustrates how absurd judging abortion restrictions under the "undue burden" test has become.

Why have the newest anti-choice laws become so extreme and unconstitutional? Because anti-choice politicians have already passed just about everything else on their wishlist.

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All In a Day’s Work: Ohio GOP Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Proposes Funding Shift From Health Care to CPCs

What happened to caring for the poor?

The Ohio GOP has proposed a budget that would reject covering more low-income citizens under Medicaid, refuse funding to Planned Parenthood, and give more money to CPCs. What about caring for the poor?

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Ohio Shows How an ‘Admitting Privileges’ Requirement Can Become a Backdoor Abortion Ban

A federal judge has declared part of Texas' abortion law to be unconstitutional, blocking a provision that requires abortion providers to secure admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of where they perform abortion procedures.

First you make it so abortion clinics are unable to operate unless they work with a hospital. Then you harass the hospitals that work with them.

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Legal Wrap: The Anti-Contraception Movement’s Long History

oral and injection birth contorl

Legal contraception for single people has been a fight for over 40 years, and the latest challenges suggest the fight isn’t ending soon.

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‘A Needed Response’ to the Steubenville Rapists

The young Oregon film student Samantha Stendal felt compelled to take a stand on the issues of rape and consent. So she wrote, cast and directed a response video with a powerful message. “Don’t rape.”

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North Dakota, Steubenville, and Getting Government Out of Your Crotch

On this episode of Reality Cast, I’ll talk to anthology editor Sari Botton on getting a conservative government out of your crotch. North Dakota looks at a ban on abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the Steubenville rapists are found guilty in juvenile court.

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How Did Emergency Contraception Get Excluded From VAWA?

Plan b emergency contraceptive

By all accounts, the women’s rights advocates who fought to reauthorize VAWA never made EC a priority.

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Juvenile Courts: The Only Way ‘Justice’ Was Possible in the Steubenville Case?

The regulations will sunset after 90 days, but the governor urged the legislature to take action before then on a pending bill that would ban the practice and offer comprehensive health protections for pregnant inmates.

The Steubenville, Ohio, rape trial highlights the complicated role we ask our juvenile courts to play.

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Anti-Choice Groups in Ohio Locked in Power Struggle Over Heartbeat Bans, Medicaid, and Money

Anti-choicers in Clifton, Ohio.

Ohio Pro-Life Action (OPLA) and Cincinnati Right to Life (CRTL) are trying to drive Ohio Right to Life out of existence in a power struggle over Medicaid expansion, heartbeat bans, and… donor funding. 

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