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Confronting Abortion Stigma


Abortion stigma is a form of gender discrimination and punishment, and it represents social control of both women who need abortions and providers who provide them.

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Chipping Away at Exceptions: Forced Birth for Fetal Anomalies

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.15.53 AM

They say it’s about compassion, eugenics, diversity. But in reality, isn’t it just about chipping away at abortion rights any way that they can?

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New Mexico Rape Bill Author Claims Exempting Victims from Punishment Wasn’t Necessary

Rep. Cathrynn Brown. (LiveLeak)

“I’m sure the prosecutor will understand” isn’t usually a sound way to write your legislative bills.

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Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth? New Mexico Has a Novel Approach

New Mexico State Legislator Cathrynn Brown. (Alamy via Huffington Post)

What if we made fetuses evidence and said abortion would “destroy” it? It’s illogical in every way.

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Reflections On My One-Year Anniversary: Latinas Hold the Power and Potential of This Nation’s Future

In the whirlwind of policy debates and activist conferences, it is easy to gloss over the victories we’ve accomplished together this past year. As I look forward to my next year, I’m glad to have such powerful hermanas beside me because we still have much work to tackle. 

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California Anti-Shackling Law Awaits Brown’s Signature

photo courtesy of jeaneeem via Flickr

The California legislature unanimously passed a bill banning the use of restraints on pregnant women. Will the governor sign it?

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A Wink and a Nod: Anti-Choice Laws Invite Anti-Choice Harassment and Terrorism

In addition to imposing unnecessary and damaging limits and requirements on women’s medical care, do anti-abortion laws contribute to a social climate in which it is acceptable to terrorize me, my colleagues, and our patients?

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New Mexico Childcare Assistance and “Forcible Rape” Language: Why It Matters.

Last week, New Mexico Governor Martinez’s administration added new requirements for low income families applying for child care assistance. They include either petitioning the absent parent for support, OR saying your child was conceived through incest or rape.

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Martinez Removes “Forcible” From Rape Provisions for Childcare Assistance, But Many Questions Remain

Governor Susana Martinez. Photo: Think Progress.

This evening, we received confirmation from the office of Children, Youth, and Families Department of New Mexico that Governor Martinez requested that the word “forcible” be removed from the proposed guidelines for childcare assistance. But many questions about the proposed policies remain.

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New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez Seeks Proof of “Forcible Rape” in Applications for Childcare Assistance

Forcible rape is back in the news, this time in New Mexico, where the administration of Governor Susana Martinez is seeking a “forcible rape” test for women seeking childcare assistance, proving you don’t have to be male to be a misogynist.

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