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U.S. Culture and Policy to Dads: Your Place Is in the Office

When work culture and public policy fail to support men’s involvement in the domestic sphere, how can anyone "have it all"?

When work culture and public policy fail to support men’s involvement in the domestic sphere, how can anyone “have it all”?

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All Eyes on Gov. Christie: Bill Banning Homophobic ‘Reparative Therapy’ May Soon Head to His Desk

A bill outlawing gay reparative therapy has to get past Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who is up for re-election and who does not have a good record on LGBTQ rights.

Reparative therapy, sometimes referred to as “praying away the gay,” has been proven ineffective and harmful. But when questioned about a bill to ban the practice in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie stumbled.

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How Did Emergency Contraception Get Excluded From VAWA?

Plan b emergency contraceptive

By all accounts, the women’s rights advocates who fought to reauthorize VAWA never made EC a priority.

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New Jersey Supreme Court Unanimously Holds Child Abuse Statute Doesn’t Apply to Fetuses

From Michael Dunn's acquittal in the murder of Jordan Davis to a pending nominee to the federal bench, now more than ever our courts matter.

A unanimous state Supreme Court overturns a finding of child abuse based solely on pre-natal drug exposure and provides a well-reasoned opinion why these kinds of abuse prosecutions hurt vulnerable families.

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The Connection Between Roe v. Wade and “Feminist Pork”


Some of the most vehement opponents of abortion are also against economic policies that can help struggling families, like paid family leave.

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What Do Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Gay Conversion Therapy Have in Common?

photo courtesy of Savio Sebastian via Flickr

In the first of its kind lawsuit, the SPLC calls gay conversion therapy a fraud. Meanwhile lawmakers try to protect crisis pregnancy centers from regulation under consumer protection laws. Are we on to something here?

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Let’s Remind Election Winners: Reproductive Coercion is Wrong

We can all agree that forcing women to undergo abortions or sterilizations is wrong — but so is forcing women to gestate and give birth to children they don’t want. It’s time we considered both sides of reproductive coercion.

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ELECTION 2012: Obama and His Coalition: Let the Real Hope and Change Begin

Looking ahead to the next four years, this strengthened “marriage” between Obama, Democrats generally, and non-white and women voters could help carve a path to genuinely progressive economic policy.

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Lessons from Katrina: How Natural Disasters Affect Women’s Safety and Economic Status

Hurricane Katrina NOAA

Natural disasters tend to make low income and poor people—the majority of whom are women—even more vulnerable to physical assault as well as to greater economic challenges in the years that follow.

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New Jersey Court Rules No Cause of Action For “Coerced Abortion”

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A New Jersey Court of Appeals decision shows the holes in the anti-choice movement’s “coercion theory.”

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