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ELECTION 2012: Obama and His Coalition: Let the Real Hope and Change Begin

Looking ahead to the next four years, this strengthened “marriage” between Obama, Democrats generally, and non-white and women voters could help carve a path to genuinely progressive economic policy.

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Lessons from Katrina: How Natural Disasters Affect Women’s Safety and Economic Status

Hurricane Katrina NOAA

Natural disasters tend to make low income and poor people—the majority of whom are women—even more vulnerable to physical assault as well as to greater economic challenges in the years that follow.

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New Jersey Court Rules No Cause of Action For “Coerced Abortion”

photo courtesy of steakpinball via flickr

A New Jersey Court of Appeals decision shows the holes in the anti-choice movement’s “coercion theory.”

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New Jersey Assembly Woman Will Move to Condemn Akin Rape Remark

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. Vimeo screenshot.

Although the politician isn’t from her state, Watson Coleman believes Akin’s comments were harmful enough to deserve official condemnation.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Vetoes $7.5 Million In Family Planning Funding

Amanda Brown/The Star-Ledger

The Republican governor and potential vice presidential candidate is continuing his quest to eliminate funding for pregnancy prevention and sexual health.

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Tuesday Night’s Other Elections

Wikimedia commons

How did “other” candidates fair during elections?

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