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Judge Rules North Carolina Can’t Sell “Choose Life” License Plates Without Offering Pro-Choice Option

photo courtesy of Madeleline_H via Flickr

A federal judge ruled the state’s “choose life” license plates violate the First Amendment since there is no option in support of abortion rights.

· · · · · 

In the the Reddest of Red States, One Legislator May Turn the Tide on Anti-Choice Legislation

Ernie Chambers. Photo: Kent Sievers/Omaha World-Herald.

Nebraska, the home of the “fetal pain” movement, may be surprisingly abortion-restriction free in 2013.

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Let’s Remind Election Winners: Reproductive Coercion is Wrong

We can all agree that forcing women to undergo abortions or sterilizations is wrong — but so is forcing women to gestate and give birth to children they don’t want. It’s time we considered both sides of reproductive coercion.

· · · · · 

Original Author of First “Fetal Pain” Ban to Run for Governor of Nebraska

Mike Flood. Photo: KVNO News.

Speaker of the House Mike Flood will run to replace the current governor of Nebraska.

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“Non-Partisan” National Organization for Marriage and Susan B. Anthony List Know How to Party

On election night, it was steak and cable news stations for the “family values” groups.


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ELECTION 2012: With Historic Number of Women, Senate Will Look a Little Bit More Like America

Next year will have an historic number of female senators, and that could be very good for women.

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Pro-Choice, Anti-Choice Groups Do Last Minute Campaign Push

Emily's List members, endorsing Maggie Hassan. Photo: Emily's List.

Both sides focus on key campaigns as get out the vote efforts increase.

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Nebraska Mental Health Screening Law Now Officially, Finally Over

Photo: Alamy via the Huffington Post.

Remember that bill that would require women who wanted an abortion to be screened for mental health issues?  That’s finally blocked for good.

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Supreme Court Refuses Appeal by Nebraskans United for Life

photo courtesy of steakpinball via flickr

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a group that tried to intervene and defend an anti-abortion law the state had given up on.

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One Year Later, Planned Parenthood Is Still Stealing Souls

Jim Sedlak preaches to the street with his microphone. Photo: American Life League via QuotesTemple.

Some things never change. At least not in the alternative universe that is the American Life League.

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