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Akin Isn’t the Only Extreme Anti-Choice Politician in Missouri

Vicky Hartzler. KY3.

Harzler is just as extreme as her fellow representative and she has no qualms about her stance.

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Is Akin Leading McCaskill in Missouri Again?

McCaskill & Akin. AP Photo.

A new poll has Akin back ahead of McCaskill in the Missouri senate race.  But does who commissioned it matter at all?

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SBA List Spends Money in Missouri, But Not on Akin

Al Kresta/Blogspot.

The group offered moral support to the senate candidate, but seems to be spending their ad dollars elsewhere.

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All About “Legitimate Rape”

This week’s Reality Cast is dedicated to the Todd Akin blow up: What it means, what the reaction is all about, and why “rape exceptions” aren’t a thing anyway.

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The GOP’s Official Stance On Abortion, Emergency Contraception and “Personhood”

The GOP platform committee did not amend language from the 2004 and 2008 GOP platforms, which “assert the sanctity of human life,” and provide no exceptions to abortion in any case whatsoever. The committee add language opposing drugs such as mifepristone, but members agreed that this platform amendment did not apply to EC.

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Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Personhood, and Crimes Against Humanity

The real question that needs to be addressed is not whether rape can cause pregnancy. The question is: will measures that ban women who have been impregnated by rape from having abortions be enacted, enabling rapists, with state support, even greater power to deprive women of their dignity and personhood?

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What Akin’s Supporters Are Saying (and He Has Many)

Rep. Trent Franks. Stephanie Snyder/Cronkite News Service.

Republican leaders are running far from him, but anti-choice politicians and activists couldn’t be prouder.

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McCaskill Has Massive Lead Over Akin in Latest Rasmussen Poll

Claire McCaskill.

The Democratic senator is up 10 points in her race with the controversial congressman.

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Todd Akin More Strict on Abortion Than the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Dolan, of NY. Andrew Cusack/andrewcusack.com.

The church tries to clarify its own position on rape, but leaves things even more confusing.

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Blame the Rape Victim

Rep. Todd Akin said that when he said “legitimate rape” he really meant women who make up false rape claims. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Salon.com’s Irin Carmon, and the Guardian US’ Ana Marie Cox discuss Republicans’ history of blaming rape survivors and how the Party’s position on rape and abortion may impact the presidential election.

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