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Mississippi Anti-Choice Activist Nominated for State Medical Board

Now, with the appointment of Herring it appears clear that "qualified doctors" are no longer needed on the board, as Herring reportedly has no medical background.

The same administration once dismissed a fully-qualified doctor for having ties to an abortion clinic. Now it wants an anti-choice activist with no medical background to serve.

· · · · · 

What North Dakota and Mississippi Reveal About Anti-Choice NIMBYism and Hypocrisy

anti-choice rally signs

Make no mistake, efforts to ban abortion have nothing to do with fetal life but are simply a symbolic gesture to enshrine fundamentalist piety about sex and gender roles into law, and punish those who don’t obey.

· · · · · 

Should We Call it a ‘Cure’? The Mississippi Child Who’s No Longer HIV-Positive

HIV-infected T cell.

Do we do more harm than good when we bandy about the word “cure” in a case like this?

· · · · · 

Behind the HIV ‘Miracle Cure,’ a Broken System Lurks


There’s been much talk this week about the “miracle cure” of a child with HIV. But what about the unjust health-care system that failed her mother?

· · · · · 

Mississippi Personhood: They’re Baaaacccckkkk!

With several abortion restrictions on hold, anti-choice activists are using their down time to prepare for a new push to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs via a "personhood" measure.

Mississippi wants to take granting legal rights to fertilized eggs back to the voters, even though the voters already resoundingly said no.

· · · · · 

Amendment to Mississippi Medication Abortion Ban Infuriates Anti-Choicers

Mississippi Senator ("Judas") Wiggins.

Mississippi amends backdoor medication abortion ban, anti-choice activists call new version “gutted.”

· · · · · 

Mississippi Legislature Seeks Backdoor Ban to Medication Abortions


Add an extra doctor visit and cut off two weeks to use the drug? Looks like the legislature is trying to backdoor ban RU-486 by closing down the window when it can be used.

· · · · · 

HPV and Things That Go Bump: Time for Action on Genital Warts

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

While we await the expected and demonstrated good news of few cervical and other cancer deaths among person immunized against HPV, a recent study from Denmark already shows us that vaccination can significantly reduce genital warts.

· · · · · 

Legal Threats in North Dakota and Mississippi and a Contraception Mandate Update

An interview with Tammi Kromenaker of North Dakota about legal threats to her clinic. Also, a new round of flurry about the contraception mandate in the news and the last Mississippi clinic continues to battle for survival.

· · · · · 

Mississippi Heartbeat Ban Doomed Again this Year, By Its Own Sponsor

Committee Chairman Andy Gipson (R-Braxton). (Daily News)

Much as we predicted, the Mississippi ban on abortions after an embryonic heart tone can be discerned will never make it to a full vote.

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