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Mississippi Right to Life President Not-So-Subtly Compares Women to Dogs

Photo: Nevada Missouri.

Is this a step up or a step down from calling them livestock?

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Five of Seven Mississippi Hospitals that Denied Admitting Privileges to JWHO Doctors Now Under Investigation for Misuse of ERs

The Jackson Women's Health Organization (Trip Burns/Jackson Free Press)

The chain of hospitals that was afraid to offer admitting privileges to doctors who performed abortions are being investigated for their own potentially corrupt emergency room practices.

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Why Do Young Women Have Sex?

Once again, the right gets all wound up about Sandra Fluke. The last abortion clinic in Mississippi is threatened again. Also, a filmmaker asks why do young women have sex?

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Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic Faces Closure

Rachel Maddow reports on the actions of Republican leaders in Mississippi to shut down the state’s only abortion clinic.

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Anti-Choice Harassment and Access to Abortion In Mississippi: An Interview with Dr. Willie Parker

Outside the Jackson Women's Health Organization building. Photo: Jackson Free Press.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization’s Dr. Willie Parker discusses clinic intimidation and the effect it has on women and providers at the state’s sole clinic.

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Mississippi’s Hypocritical Anti-Choicers May Close Last Abortion Clinic

In January, a regulation that could end legal abortion in Mississippi could go into effect. The entire situation is a classic example of the NIMBYism and hypocrisy of anti-choicers, who are more interested in appearances than realities around abortion.

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Anti-Choice Harassers Re-double Attacks On Jackson Women’s Health Organization As Hospitals Refuse Admitting Privileges

Flip Benham & crew outside the Jackson WHO. Photo:  Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo.

More posters, more harassment at the only public abortion clinic in Mississippi as Jackson Women’s Health Organization runs out of options.

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CRR Files Motion To Protect Abortion Access In Mississippi After Hospitals Refuse Licenses to Providers

photo courtesy of steakpinball via flickr

Lawyers are back in federal court challenging Mississippi’s law that requires all abortion providers also have hospital privileges after hospitals refuse to grant those privileges.

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Lessons from Katrina: How Natural Disasters Affect Women’s Safety and Economic Status

Hurricane Katrina NOAA

Natural disasters tend to make low income and poor people—the majority of whom are women—even more vulnerable to physical assault as well as to greater economic challenges in the years that follow.

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Right-Wingers Ask: Why Let Women Vote?

Janis Lane, president of the Central Mississippi Tea Party. Photo: Virginia Schrieber/Jackson Free Press.

Vote. Too many people still hope you won’t.


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