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ELECTION 2012: A People of Color Majority Alters Politics. Movements Change the World

A supporter of President Obama joins the Election Night victory rally in Chicago. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

Much of the discussion this election cycle has been about changing demographics. But demographics alone aren’t going to run a policy agenda through the system. Huge challenges remain in economic justice, immigration, environment, education and housing reform.

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ELECTION 2012: Minnesota Becomes First State to Reject “Traditional Marriage” Amendment

Chris Kluwe. Photo: Competenetwork.

The progressive-leaning state refuses to enshrine bigotry in the state constitution.

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Candidates Who Oppose Rape Exceptions Being Supported By Victims, Those Conceived In Rape In New Ads

Richard Mourdock. Photo: Womenarewatching.org.

In the last day of campaigning, both Akin and Mourdock and looking to spin comments about rape victims into positives.

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Peterson: MCCL Just a Partisan Group Now

Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson. Photo: MPRNews.

Caught on tape, the Minnesota Congressman says what everyone all pretty much knew already.

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Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Breaks Up With Anti-Choice Democrat

Democratic Congressman Colin Peterson. Photo: Brett Neely/Minnesota Public Radio.

According to the Minnesota anti-choice group, Peterson’s vote for the Affordable Care Act means he’s no longer eligible for their support.

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Belly Up to the Bar: Pregnancy Tests, Vending Machines, and Access to Contraception

Women’s private and public spheres converged in the bathroom of a bar in Mankato, MN with the recent installation of a pregnancy test vending machine.

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New Poll Suggests Bachmann May Be In Tight Race

Photo: MentorMob.

Could the lightning rod Minnesota conservative really be in danger of losing her seat?

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Senate Candidate Proud to Say He Co-Sponsored Every Bill Proposed By Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life

Kurt Bills. James Nord/MinnPost Photo.

The longshot candidate makes it clear where he would stand on abortion if elected.

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Reproductive Rights Was Central to Battle Between Dems in Minnesota Eighth District Primary Contest

Chip Cravaak. Derek Montgomery/MPR Photo.

A surprisingly brutal Democratic primary is finished in the Minnesota 8th. Were allegations on abortion a turning point?

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Primary Day (Again): The Best of the Rest of the Winners and Losers

Alan Quist. Think Progress.

Although the Wisconsin senate race was the big draw, there are more winners and losers to look at from yesterday’s primary.

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