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New Poll Suggests Bachmann May Be In Tight Race

Photo: MentorMob.

Could the lightning rod Minnesota conservative really be in danger of losing her seat?

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Senate Candidate Proud to Say He Co-Sponsored Every Bill Proposed By Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life

Kurt Bills. James Nord/MinnPost Photo.

The longshot candidate makes it clear where he would stand on abortion if elected.

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Reproductive Rights Was Central to Battle Between Dems in Minnesota Eighth District Primary Contest

Chip Cravaak. Derek Montgomery/MPR Photo.

A surprisingly brutal Democratic primary is finished in the Minnesota 8th. Were allegations on abortion a turning point?

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Primary Day (Again): The Best of the Rest of the Winners and Losers

Alan Quist. Think Progress.

Although the Wisconsin senate race was the big draw, there are more winners and losers to look at from yesterday’s primary.

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Gay Marriage Opponents Get Minnesota Secretary of State Ousted From Speaking At Catholic Church

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. Daily Globe/Pioneer Photo/Scott Wente.

It appears that Ritchie’s new ballot title language has some gay marriage opponents looking for retribution.

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The Last Clinic In Mississippi

A lawyer from the Center for Reproductive Rights fills us in on what’s going on with the last clinic in Mississippi. A new HIV prevention drug has limited uses and pregnancy testing in bars is a really bad idea.

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State Legislative Trends in Reproductive Health Law and Policy: Mid-Year 2012 Analysis

In the first half of 2012, states enacted 95 new provisions related to reproductive health and rights. As was the case in 2011, issues related to abortion, family planning funding and sex education once again were significant flashpoints in many legislatures .

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Who’s That Lady? A Look At Mitt Romney’s Potential Female V.P. Picks

Ann says her husband is considering a woman as a running mate.  So who does that mean is on the list?

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Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life Takes Credit For Declining Abortion Rate Despite Lack of Evidence

Scott Fischbach. Scott Fischbach/MPRNews.

The anti-choice group claims that the Positive Alternatives Act is convincing more women to have their babies versus have abortions.  So why is the birth rate declining, too?

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“Women’s Care Center” Crisis Pregnancy Center Building Clinic Across From “Women’s Health Center.” But You Shouldn’t Be Confused

Parking lot where health clinic will be built. Clint Austin/caustin@duluthnews.com

Anti-choice activists are excited to announce they have secured a prime spot right across the street from the only abortion provider in Northern Minnesota.

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