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Brown and Warren Tied In Massachusetts

Photo: AP & Republican file photos.

With less than two months until election day, the race is a nail biter.

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A Pro-Choice GOP Voice at the Convention?

Randy Moody. Eric Gregory/Lincoln Journal Star Photo.

While most of the attendees embrace a no exceptions abortion plank, some Republicans find themselves left out in the cold.

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Massachusetts Anti-Choice Group Considers Brown a “Prolife” Senator

Sen. Scott Brown. AP.

Brown’s voting record is good enough to win him more support from the state’s most active anti-choice group.

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Sen. Scott Brown Begs Republican Party to Please Stop Endangering His Seat

Scott Brown. Gretchen Ertl/AP.

The Massachusetts Republican is doing everything he can not to get tangled up in the backlash over GOP abortion policies.

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Blame the Rape Victim

Rep. Todd Akin said that when he said “legitimate rape” he really meant women who make up false rape claims. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Salon.com’s Irin Carmon, and the Guardian US’ Ana Marie Cox discuss Republicans’ history of blaming rape survivors and how the Party’s position on rape and abortion may impact the presidential election.

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Dr. “Spastic Tubes,” Todd Akin & the Argument that Rape Victims Don’t Exist

Rachel Maddow discusses the resurfacing argument that rape victims cannot get pregnant– one that is easily and frequently disproved– as being a reasoning device for politicians who wish to completely outlaw abortion without feeling immoral.

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Republicans Loudly Distance Themselves From Akin’s Comments

George Allen. [img src]

If you are curious who is worried about their reelections, watch who is publicly denouncing the Missouri congressman’s “legitimate rape” remarks.

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The Lesson of Delhi Charter School: It’s Time to Truly Support Pregnant and Parenting Teens

This week all eyes turned to the Delhi Charter School, which rescinded a policy that grossly discriminated against female students. This situation underscores how ineffective we are at supporting pregnant and parenting teens.

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The Primaries: Who Is In, Who Is Out

Rep. Pete Hoekstra. [img src]

Last night a few new national races were solidified after primaries in Missouri, Michigan and Washington.

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Massachusetts’s New “Pro-Information Bill” on Down Syndrome Is Really That: Pro-Information

We’ve all heard “we just want the mother to be fully informed” when it comes to thinly veiled efforts to coerce women, but in the case of a new Massachusetts bill, it appears to be true.

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