· · · · · 

Erasing Criminal Convictions for Survivors of Trafficking: One Step in the Right Direction

Vacating convictions laws are a step in the right direction for survivors of trafficking. Ultimately, however, creating fair working conditions and ending abuses in low-wage industries will ultimately do far more to end trafficking in persons and protect the human rights of workers in vulnerable situations.

· · · · · 

Re-Examining the Baltimore CPC Case: Does CPC Speech Constitute “Commercial Speech?”

Earlier this month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit granted a new hearing in Greater Pregnancy Concerns vs. City of Baltimore, the case in which a three-judge panel flouted common sense and the rules of civil procedure in its rush to rule in favor of the plaintiff Pregnancy Center on summary judgment and protect the Catholic Church’s right to lie and deceive women.

· · · · · 

Maryland Congressman Claims More Women Undergo Sex Selection Abortion Than Get Pregnant By Rape

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. Ji Yuan/The Epoch Times.

In the world of Roscoe Bartlett rape victims seldom need abortions but gender selection is a rampant epidemic.

· · · · · 

Appeals Court To Revisit “Truth in Advertising” CPC Rule In Baltimore

[img src]

The city council calls it telling the truth.  The religious backers call it freedom of speech.  Now a federal judge will weigh in.

· · · · · 

In Maryland, Free Speech Protects the Right of Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Lie to Women: An Analysis of the Baltimore CPC Case

In clinics nationwide, young women — mostly poor women — are lured into so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” which falsely advertise themselves as health clinics, but which are anything but. These crisis pregnancy centers are often set up and run by Catholic churches, which, for obvious reasons, doesn’t bode well for any woman seeking information about contraception or terminating a pregnancy.  Instead of offering counseling about a woman’s choices, these CPCs steer women towards a right-wing, anti-choice agenda, using Jesus and guilt as weapons.

· · · · · 

Center For Reproductive Rights Says First Amendment Does Not Cover Right To “Deceive Women”

Nancy Northup. Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

The reproductive rights legal advocacy group will file an appeal over the recent decision to forbid crisis pregnancy centers from posting signs saying they don’t provide or refer for abortions.

· · · · · 

Baltimore, Mississippi, and the Ongoing Health Care Whine

Baltimore experiences a setback when it comes to regulating CPCs against lying. Mississippi’s last abortion clinic hangs in, and the right wing meltdown over health care reform continues.

· · · · · 

Voice of Choice: Turning the Tables on Anti-choice Bullies

Todd Stave. Ricky Cariotti/The Washington Post.

After an anti-choice protest at his child’s school, Todd Stave turns the tables on anti-choice bullies by standing up and fighting back.

· · · · · 

Court Rules Telling CPCs Not To Lie Violates Free Speech

One of the many tools used by CPCs to convince women not to have abortions. [img src]

Baltimore cannot tell crisis pregnancy centers that they must post statements outside their buildings saying they do not provide abortions, judges rule.

· · · · · 

Maryland Clinics Will Require Licenses Starting July 23rd

MD abortion clinic closed after doctors found performing late-term abortions. [img src]

The state announced it will require clinics that perform abortions to have licenses if they provide surgical abortions.

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