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Richard Mourdock on Pregnancy from Rape: “God Intended It To Happen”

Via the Washington Post: Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said Tuesday when a woman is impregnated during a rape, “it’s something God intended.”

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Federal Appeals Court Rules Indiana Can’t Eliminate Funding for Planned Parenthood

photo courtesy of StockMonkeys.com via Flick

With two federal appellate courts split on the issue of indirect funding bans, will the Roberts Court be the final word?

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Indiana Right to Life Fails to Close Clinic Under Americans with Disabilities Act

Cathie Humbarger. Photo: World News Inc.

A new ploy to close down a local clinic that provides abortions was rejected by the federal government.

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Why CPCs Should Not Be Part of the Health-Care System

Photo: Jezebel.

Texas says their crisis pregnancy centers should be the new face of the women’s heath program.  Does that mean they will control who gets birth control?

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Indiana Right to Life Seeks to Eliminate Access to Safe, Early Medication Abortion

Photo: Think Progress.

The group is claiming that a Lafayette clinic is violating law by providing medication abortions without licensing their clinic as a surgical abortion center.

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What Exactly Does the Susan B. Anthony List Stand For? Certainly Not for Women

Richard Mourdock (Indiana). Photo: Journal & Courier/AP.

The Susan B. Anthony List has unleashed another round of endorsements, and once more they are showing their colors as a party interest group, not a women’s organization.

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Letter of Inquiry & Petition for Action: Students Take on Notre Dame Over the Birth Control Benefit

We, members of the Notre Dame community, wish to express our disagreement with the university’s decision to file a lawsuit contesting the Health and Human Services mandate that requires employee health insurance plans to provide no-cost birth control coverage to employees. 

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Bei Bei Shuai Rejects Plea Deal: She “Wants To Clear Her Name”

Attorney Linda Pence (left) and Bei Bei Shuai. WISH Photo.

The Indiana woman accused of killing her fetus by ingesting rat poison has rejected the state’s offer to let her plea down to feticide from murder.

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Battle Over Planned Parenthood Funding in Indiana May Be First Test of Coercion Theory from ACA Decision

photo courtesy of Tax Credits via Flickr

The federal government squares off with Indiana over Planned Parenthood funding as conservatives feel emboldened thanks to the health care reform ruling.

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What’s the Answer to Abortion in the Age of the Prison-Industrial Complex? Lock Women Up and Throw Away the Key

Women were once seen as “second victims” of abortion. Now, as women face murder trials for unintended pregnancy losses, they’re potential fodder for a prison system that is steadily becoming one of the biggest businesses in the country.

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