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Hope In Indiana? Both Republicans and Democrats Express Reservations on Banning Medication Abortion


Both Democrats and Republicans are expressing reservations about a bill that would effectively ban medication abortion in Indiana, despite its proven safety.

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Mandatory Ultrasound Removed from Indiana TRAP Law, but Will Probably Still Close Lafayette Clinic

The Texas Attorney General's office announced Wednesday morning that it has obtained a $1.4 million settlement for Medicaid fraud against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Texas, just days after Planned Parenthood announced it would shutter three rural clinics in that region.

With the second ultrasound eliminated via amendment, have reproductive rights advocates lost their advantage?

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Anti-Choicers Get Real About Their Loathing of Female Sexuality


Time to dispense with the phony concerns for “life.” Now anti-choicers are just straight-up admitting they don’t think women should be having sex for any other reason but procreation.

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Mike “Two Times” Pence to Steal “Governor Ultrasound” Title From McDonnell

Rachel Maddow reports on the likelihood of Indiana Governor Mike Pence taking the title of “Governor Ultrasound” from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell because of a bill progressing through the Indiana legislature that would require TWO medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds from women seeking abortions in that state.

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Indiana Right To Life Says Vaginal Probes Aren’t Intrusive Because “I Got Pregnant Vaginally”


“Something else could come in my vagina for a medical test that wouldn’t be that intrusive to me,” says a spokesperson for Indiana Right to Life.

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Indiana Bill Targeting Medication Abortion Clinic Passes Senate Committee

Two bills meant to limit a woman's access to abortion pass an Indiana Senate committee, and one could cut of medication abortion for women in Western Indiana all together.

Two bills meant to limit a woman’s access to abortion pass an Indiana Senate committee, and one could cut of medication abortion for women in Western Indiana all together.

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Chipping Away at Exceptions: Forced Birth for Fetal Anomalies

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.15.53 AM

They say it’s about compassion, eugenics, diversity. But in reality, isn’t it just about chipping away at abortion rights any way that they can?

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Latest Seventh Circuit Decision on Birth Control Benefit Paves Another Path to SCOTUS

(Viox Services)

Another appellate court weighs in on the birth control benefit, and in doing so makes clearer the issues the Supreme Court will be asked to resolve. But a powerful dissenting opinion underscores the real issues.

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Fetal Anomalies and Medication Abortion Next Targets of Indiana’s Anti-Choice Legislature

Betty Cockrum in front of the Indiana state capitol. (The Daily Caller)

In Indiana, abortion restrictions are coming by the dozen.

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Murder Charges May Be Dropped Against Bei Bei Shuai

(Mike Corbin/WIBC.com photo)

Without a usable pathology report, the charges no longer stand up to scrutiny.

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