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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Graphic “Fetus” Poster!

Photo: The Center for Bioethical Reform.

Not content with their ground game, anti-choice zealots are taking over the skies, too.

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More Pressure on Catholic Voters: Priests and Bishops Tell Parishoners Their Souls Are in Danger

Photo: BreitBart.com.

Catholic bishops continue to try and exert their will on religious voters.

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Illinois Consent Decree Important Step For Transgender Individuals Seeking Birth Certificate Changes

photo courtesy of penelope waits

A lawsuit filed by the ACLU brings an important change to Illinois rules regarding birth certificate changes.

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The “No Life-Saving Abortions” Lie, and Why It Persists

When Joe Walsh argued that “new technology” made abortions to save a woman’s life unnecessary, he was parroting a dangerous view that could put millions of lives in jeopardy.

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Owners of Chicago Bears Gin Up Fear About Access to Contraception as a Religious Freedom Issue

The owners of the Chicago Bears fear that requiring the football team to furnish its employees contraception tramples upon their religious freedom. And they even have a song about it.

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California Anti-Shackling Law Awaits Brown’s Signature

photo courtesy of jeaneeem via Flickr

The California legislature unanimously passed a bill banning the use of restraints on pregnant women. Will the governor sign it?

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In Move That Stunned Advocates, Jerry Brown Vetoes Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights

In a move that stunned activists, California’s domestic workers bill of rights was vetoed Sunday. But this will not deter the tenacious organizers at NDWA who are both motivated by love and armed with a multifaceted strategy.

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Illinois’ Hope Clinic Challenge: Does Abortion Law Exist Under Its Own Kind of Federalism?

photo courtesy of World Can't Wait via Flickr

A challenge to the Illinois parental involvement statute raises the question of whether state law really can provide stronger support for abortion rights than the federal constitution.

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Erasing Criminal Convictions for Survivors of Trafficking: One Step in the Right Direction

Vacating convictions laws are a step in the right direction for survivors of trafficking. Ultimately, however, creating fair working conditions and ending abuses in low-wage industries will ultimately do far more to end trafficking in persons and protect the human rights of workers in vulnerable situations.

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Illinois Supreme Court to Review Parental Notification Law

Photo: PoemsbyAshwini/blogspot.

Although it’s never actually been put into effect, the courts may decide to change that.

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