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A View of a Classroom: The Role of Educators in STD Prevention

The Tulsa school board voted Tuesday to institute a pilot sex education program in eight schools this year. This is believed to be the first time the district has addressed the topic of sex during the school year.

Reducing STD rates takes education. Our youth have questions. We need to answer them.

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State Policy Trends 2013: Abortion Bans Move to the Forefront


Unlike in recent years, when the thrust of legislative activity was on regulating abortion, this year legislators seem to be focusing on banning abortion outright.

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Domestic Workers’ Activism On the Rise in Georgia and Illinois

domestic workers united banner

Organizing in Georgia and Illinois shows that the domestic workers’ movement is not exclusive to predictable blue states.

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Sexual Health Roundup: An App to Diagnose STDs, No Condoms as Evidence in D.C., and No Sex Ed for Utah Parents

Think you might have an STD? There's an app for that. Plus more sexual health news from the past week.

Think you might have an STD? There’s an app for that. Plus more sexual health news from the past week.

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Eighteen For-Profit Companies Fighting to Eliminate the Birth Control Benefit

18 for-profit companies have filed lawsuits against providing birth control coverage for their employees as part of employee health care under the Affordable Care Act. Here's a brief introduction to those companies.

Eighteen for-profit companies have filed lawsuits to overturn the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act, which requires that all insurance policies cover birth control without a co-pay as part of preventive care. These companies argue that including insurance coverage for birth control “violates their religious freedom.” Here’s a brief introduction to those companies and their cases.

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Sexual Health Roundup: Chlamydia Rates Up, Kindergarten Sex Ed, and Sex for Your Headache

Human pap smear showing chlamydia.

A look at how chlamydia rates are up, especially in women, how Chicago Public Schools may start sex education in kindergarten, and why “not tonight, honey, I have a headache” may not be a wise excuse for some.

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Legal Wrap: In Battle Over Medication Abortion, Who Is Protecting the Rights of Women in Wisconsin?


The latest legal news on the contraception challenges and fight for reproductive justice in the states.

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One Million Moms for Gun Control: In Illinois, the NRA’s Ambassadors Tried to Silence Us. We Won’t Let Them

At the "Guns and Public Safety" meeting. (screenshot via godzhor/Youtube)

It is clear to me now that if we are to see any meaningful changes to current gun laws then we need follow the NRA’s lead. We need to organize, speak up and show up in full force.

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The Road to Roe: Paved with Bodies of Women of Color and the Legal Activism of African Americans

(Favianna Rodriguez, www.favianna.com)

Every year when the anniversary of Roe v. Wade rolls around, I am troubled by the loud silences in our triumphant tales of struggle. As a history doctoral student who researches African Americans and abortion, the story I tell is quite different.

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Legal Roundup: On Roe Anniversary Legal Attacks on Reproductive Rights Increase


The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a reminder that the battle for women’s rights is far from over.

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