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Why I’m Proud To Be an LGBT Teen in Illinois

Even with all that's left to accomplish, I'm proud to reside in the land of Lincoln.

Even with all that’s left to accomplish, I’m proud to reside in the land of Lincoln.

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This Week in Sex: Meningitis at Princeton, the Cheneys’ Public Dispute, and Herpes on a Library Book

(From left) Liz and Mary Cheney.

This week, Princeton University deals with an outbreak of meningitis, former VP Dick Cheney makes a public statement as his daughters disagree publicly over the legalization of same-sex marriage, and a scientist finds herpes on a library copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Legal Wrap: Dark Money in Politics Is Bad for Reproductive Rights

What's the link between big money donors like the Koch brothers and the wave of anti-abortion restrictions?

What’s the link between big money donors like the Koch brothers and the wave of anti-choice restrictions?

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‘RH Reality Check’ State of Abortion Database Updated With Responses From Nearly Every State


Our searchable tool has been updated to include final responses from 48 state attorneys general and 41 state health departments about a wide range of issues involving abortion. The additional responses support our earlier analysis—that abortion in the United States is overwhelmingly safe and highly regulated.

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Legal Wrap: Unequal Protection for Transgender Students, and U.S. Army’s First Woman Judge Advocate General

The U.S. Army now has a woman as its top lawyer: General Flora D. Darpino (pictured above).

Transgender students continue to face an uneven legal landscape. Meanwhile, a federal lawsuit filed after the close of an Article 32 hearing in a Naval Academy rape case seeks to remove the academy’s superintendent from overseeing the investigation, and the U.S. Army now has a woman as its top lawyer.

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Being a Transgender Student in the United States: An Uneven Landscape

The decision marks the first time a state court has ruled that students must be allowed to use restrooms of the gender with which they identify. Federal courts have not yet ruled on the issue.

While there have been recent transgender rights victories for students in California and Colorado, there are also plenty of roadblocks in guaranteeing equal representation and protection.

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Sex Education Is Improving, Causing Right Wing to Panic

On this episode of Reality Cast, I discuss how sex education in some states has improved, and the right wing’s response to those changes. In another segment, I chat with Stephanie Zvan, associate president of Minnesota Atheists, about the fight to end sexual harassment in the atheist/skeptic movement.

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Legal Wrap: Baby Veronica Case Pits States Against Each Other

The fallout from the Supreme Court's decision in Baby Veronica (above) continues.

The fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision in Baby Veronica continues. Meanwhile, in Montana, justice seems a long way off.

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Anti-Choice Activists Lose Zoning Dispute in Illinois

The settlement will keep open the state's only abortion clinic but won't prevent future challenges to the law.

The fight over an Aurora, Illinois Planned Parenthood clinic inches toward final resolution.

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Illinois Governor Signs New Sex Education Law, But Some Abstinence-Only Proponents Say They Aren’t Worried

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a bill Wednesday to punish any physician in the state who is found to perform sex-selective abortions.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn recently signed a law requiring all schools in the state that teach sex education to include accurate information about birth control and STDs. This is quite a change from the current state law, which emphasizes abstinence, still, many are saying that schools—even those who use abstinence-only curricula—will not have to change much.

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