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Domestic Workers’ Activism On the Rise in Georgia and Illinois

domestic workers united banner

Organizing in Georgia and Illinois shows that the domestic workers’ movement is not exclusive to predictable blue states.

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In Georgia, an Ongoing Fight Against Anti-Choice Legislation

Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta.

For now, the rights of some of the most vulnerable people in Georgia are safe. But we must remain ever-vigilant to support those fragile rights.

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Georgia State Senator Wants to Ban Abortion Coverage for State Employees

Senator Judson Hill.

Georgia wants to join the flood of states trying to force women to give birth by making abortion unaffordable.

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The Road to Roe: Paved with Bodies of Women of Color and the Legal Activism of African Americans

(Favianna Rodriguez, www.favianna.com)

Every year when the anniversary of Roe v. Wade rolls around, I am troubled by the loud silences in our triumphant tales of struggle. As a history doctoral student who researches African Americans and abortion, the story I tell is quite different.

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Georgia Follows Virginia’s Lead, Plans to Try to Repeal 22-Week Gestation Ban

Georgia Senator Nan Orrock, left (with Rep.Virgil Fludd). (World News, Inc.)

The much maligned and now court embroiled so-called “fetal pain” ban in Georgia probably won’t be overturned, but Democrats will give it a try.

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Hold On to Your Birth Control! ACLU Forecasts Big Year Ahead for Reproductive Rights

(IllustrationThinks via CNN)

Don’t expect legislators opposed to reproductive rights to tread lightly in 2013 just because voters made it clear extreme approaches to health care aren’t popular, warned the American Civil Liberties Union in a media conference call Tuesday.

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State-Level 2012 Retrospective: Second-Highest Number of Abortion Restrictions Ever

Reproductive health and rights were once again the subject of extensive debate in state capitols in 2012. Over the course of the year, 42 states and the District of Columbia enacted 122 provisions related to reproductive health and rights. One-third of these new provisions, 43 in 19 states, sought to restrict access to abortion services.

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State Court Temporarily Blocks Georgia’s 20 Week Abortion Ban

Judge Doris Downs. Photo: The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A state court judge ruled the state of Georgia could not ban abortions pre-viabilty.

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ACLU Sues to Block Georgia 20-Week Abortion Ban

Photo courtesy of Donkey Hotey via Flickr

On Friday the ACLU filed suit in state court to block the state’s 20 week abortion ban.

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The “No Life-Saving Abortions” Lie, and Why It Persists

When Joe Walsh argued that “new technology” made abortions to save a woman’s life unnecessary, he was parroting a dangerous view that could put millions of lives in jeopardy.

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