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BDSM, Georgia Terrorism and Military Abortion

Serial terrorist attacks in Georgia start looking very serious indeed. The Senate considers lifting the ban on funding of abortion for raped soldiers. Also, can the BDSM community come to terms with sexual abuse within its ranks?

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Anti-Choicers and Domestic Terrorism In Georgia: Are We Finally Getting It?

A series of arsons and burglaries in Georgia women’s health clinics makes it clear that anti-choice terrorism isn’t the result of “lone wolf” actors, but is the natural result of an ideology that has violent force baked into it.

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Abortion Clinics Across Country Put On Alert In Wake of Georgia Clinic Arson Cases

[img src]

The National Abortion Federation has sent out warnings to its clinics across the country urging vigilance.

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Georgia Clinic Fires Now Part of Ongoing Investigation, With Help From Feds

Investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives. [img src]

The recent pattern of fires at clinics that perform abortions, as well as prior clinic break-ins lead police to investigating the possibility of a larger pattern of anti-abortion violence.

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Fire At Georgia Reproductive Health Clinic May Have Been Arson


Clinic workers report seeing “suspicious” activity before the flames broke out.

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Georgia “Fetal Pain” Ban Author Ok With Forcing Women Into C-Sections For Unviable Pregnancies

Rep. Dough McKillip. [img src]

What exactly does “most likely to save both lives” mean?

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Georgia Governor Signs Unclear “Fetal Pain” Ban Into Effect

Female house democrats protest the bill in March. [img src]

The ban, which wrongfully redefines medical terms in an attempt to limit a woman’s right to choose, is perhaps the most confusing of all so called “20 week” bans.

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Losing the Right to Abortion, Week by Week: Restrictions on Later-Term Abortions Harm Women

The landscape for abortion access is shifting quickly, as state after state passes restrictive laws. Particularly affected by these new laws are women who need abortions later in their pregnancies.

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Baptist Group Asks Clinic For Money Back Over Emergency Contraception

Misspelled sign means business. [img src]

After being tipped off by an annonymous pastor, a group asks a clinic to return its grant money because the health clinic offers the “morning-after” pill.

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Not All “20-Week” Bans Are Created Equal: A Closer Look at How Abortion Bans Diverge from Medical Protocol and Put Women at Risk

There is a lot of confusion about 20-week abortion bans, and for good reason. Not only do they pick arbitrary dates based on medically-disproven claims of “fetal pain,” at least one is so mixed up it shows that “fetal pain” is not even the basis of the ban.

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