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Colorado Senate Proposes “Gender-Based Abortions” Ban, While One Rep Wants to Just Ban Abortions

Colorado Capitol building in Denver. (Fox News 31 Denver)

The anti-choice legislators must be bored with no “personhood” initiative to pass their time on.

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State-Level 2012 Retrospective: Second-Highest Number of Abortion Restrictions Ever

Reproductive health and rights were once again the subject of extensive debate in state capitols in 2012. Over the course of the year, 42 states and the District of Columbia enacted 122 provisions related to reproductive health and rights. One-third of these new provisions, 43 in 19 states, sought to restrict access to abortion services.

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Colorado County Commission Eliminates Funding to Planned Parenthood Affiliate For No Real Reason

Commission Chairman John Martin. Photo: Post Independent.

They do a fine job, said the commissioner who proposed not renewing funds.

· · · · · 

The Elephant in the Room: Why is the Gunman Always Male?

In addition to gun policy reform, gender, and its entanglement with culture, economics, mental health and many other factors, requires serious attention.

· · · · · 

What’s Next In The Litigation Over The Obamacare Contraception Mandate?

photo courtesy of Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com via Flickr

As another federal court temporarily blocks the mandate from taking effect, what comes next in the fight for comprehensive reproductive health care coverage?

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Boulder Church Leaves Anti-Choice “Graveyard” and Fake Photos Up in Front of Polling Place

Photo: ABC7 News.

Yet another reason why churches and polling places don’t mix.

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Personhood Colorado Files Complaint Making Pointed Accusations Against Colorado Secretary of State

Secretary of State Scott Gessler.

“Unknown reasons?”  “Thwarted” attempts?  Maybe the Secretary of State really did kill off personhood himself?

· · · · · 

Personhood Colorado Files Lawsuit to Put Egg-as-Person Amendment On 2012 Ballot

Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Photo: Pennlive.com.

The movement to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs is demanding a chance to still get their amendment on the 2012 ballot.

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Erasing Criminal Convictions for Survivors of Trafficking: One Step in the Right Direction

Vacating convictions laws are a step in the right direction for survivors of trafficking. Ultimately, however, creating fair working conditions and ending abuses in low-wage industries will ultimately do far more to end trafficking in persons and protect the human rights of workers in vulnerable situations.

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Colorado “Personhood” Amendment Officially Dead for Now

Photo: Sara's Kitchen.

Regardless of whether the advocacy group can recover enough discarded signatures to meet the threshold, the state had decided it is too late to proceed.

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