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Eighteen For-Profit Companies Fighting to Eliminate the Birth Control Benefit

18 for-profit companies have filed lawsuits against providing birth control coverage for their employees as part of employee health care under the Affordable Care Act. Here's a brief introduction to those companies.

Eighteen for-profit companies have filed lawsuits to overturn the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act, which requires that all insurance policies cover birth control without a co-pay as part of preventive care. These companies argue that including insurance coverage for birth control “violates their religious freedom.” Here’s a brief introduction to those companies and their cases.

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“You FEEL Like You’re Going to Be Raped ….But You May Not Be”

Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) said this silly remark about women “popping” guns whenever they feel threatened on campuses, during Friday’s heated debate over gun legislation in Colorado. On Monday, he issued an apology. (via The Huffington Post)

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Legal Wrap: In Battle Over Medication Abortion, Who Is Protecting the Rights of Women in Wisconsin?


The latest legal news on the contraception challenges and fight for reproductive justice in the states.

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Colorado Push to Ban All Abortions Dies in Committee

(AP Photo via The Denver Post)

An extreme proposal for a total abortion ban doesn’t make it for a full vote.

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Is Anti-Choice Colorado Group Encouraging Politicians to Lie About their Positions?


Recognizing the public’s hostility toward candidates who want to ban abortion, a Colorado group offers to help candidates who want to conceal their anti-choice views from voters.

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Legal Wrap: Personhood, Statutory Rape, and the Second-Class Legal Status of Women

(Legal Advantage HR Solutions, LLC)

A handful of cases at the state level show how far women still have to go to be considered equal citizens under the law.

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Sexual Health Roundup: Virtual STDs, Colorado’s State Sex Ed Program, and Trademarking Vibrators


In this week’s sexual health roundup: researchers create an online model of a simple STD epidemic to see why and when people protect themselves; lawmakers in Colorado propose strengthening that’s state’s sex education law; and a sex toy manufacturer loses its bid for trademark rights. 

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In Malpractice Case, Catholic Hospital Argues Fetuses Aren’t People

(Mark Coggins/flickr)

Lawsuit against Catholic Health Initiatives appealed to Colorado Supreme Court.

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Legal Roundup: On Roe Anniversary Legal Attacks on Reproductive Rights Increase


The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a reminder that the battle for women’s rights is far from over.

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Colorado Supreme Court Blocks Anti-Choicers From Displaying Graphic, Doctored Images in Front of Church

St. John's Church in the Wilderness

A case in Colorado highlights just how far anti-abortion protesters will go in demonstrating against women’s rights, including scaring their own allies.

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