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Alaska Legislature Leaves Medicaid Coverage of Abortions Unchanged Because Reps Hate Birth Control

I should not have to choose between keeping my job and losing my dignity.

Despite the most aggressive push yet, anti-choice legislators failed in their attempt to force poor women to give birth by cutting off abortion funding. Why? Because they hate birth control.

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Alaska Bill to Limit ‘Medically Necessary’ Abortions Passes State Senate

Two South Dakota bills that would have imposed severe restrictions on abortion procedures as well as penalties on abortion providers, including possible life in prison, will not move forward in the legislature.

Despite concerns that the new bill is unconstitutional, anti-choice legislators are pushing ahead with a plan to curb safe abortion access for low-income women.

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Anti-Choice “Medical Experts” Play Increasing Role in Abortion Legislation Testimony


They aren’t always doctors, but they play them in your legislature.

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Alaska Medicaid Abortion Rules Will No Longer Require “Prompt Reporting” of Sexual Assault


Rape victims will no longer be required to “promptly report” their assaults in order to pay for an abortion with Medicaid in Alaska.

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Another Year, Another Effort to Redefine “Medically-Necessary” Abortion Care in Alaska

Alaska State Capitol building.

The poor women of Alaska may be in for a drastic change when it comes to using Medicaid to pay for medically necessary abortions or abortions after a sexual assault.

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Eight Clinics, One Plane, and a Vast Number Of Reasons It’s So Difficult to Get an Abortion In Alaska

Photo: Airwaysmag.com.

Even for a woman with means, in a state as large as Alaska, an abortion is nearly impossible to access. But it doesn’t have to be.

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ELECTION 2012: With Historic Number of Women, Senate Will Look a Little Bit More Like America

Next year will have an historic number of female senators, and that could be very good for women.

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Bishops to Parishoners: Vote This Way or Go to Hell

A new flyer provided at Catholic churches advises parishoners to vote against “evil.”

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Judge Rules Alaska Parental Notification Law Constitutional

photo courtesy of spotreporting via Flickr

An Alaska state court judge ruled a 2010 parental notification did not violate teenagers privacy rights or equal protection guarantees.

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Alaska Parental Notification Law Upheld by Superior Court

Judge John Suddock. Photo: MSNBC.

The 2010 parental-notification law has been ruled constitutional, but it still may come up before the state Supreme Court.

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