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New Jersey Supreme Court Unanimously Holds Child Abuse Statute Doesn’t Apply to Fetuses

From Michael Dunn's acquittal in the murder of Jordan Davis to a pending nominee to the federal bench, now more than ever our courts matter.

A unanimous state Supreme Court overturns a finding of child abuse based solely on pre-natal drug exposure and provides a well-reasoned opinion why these kinds of abuse prosecutions hurt vulnerable families.

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Which State Will Be “Most Protective” In 2013?


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the “most protective” state of all?

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Alabama State Rep Tells TRAP Bill Opponent to “Stop Trying to Play God”

Rep. Kurt Wallace. (ShelbyCo Magazine)

“If you don’t want children, don’t get pregnant,” advises Rep. Kurt Wallace.

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Alabama Lawmakers Fast-Track Bill to Shut Down Clinics While Yawning Through Testimony

(Toke of the Town)

Limiting bill opponents time to testify, proposing bills in the dead of the night, the Alabama legislature is making closing clinics a priority despite the voters’ wishes.

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Alabama Senator Wants to Ban Abortion Because The Bible Tells Him So

Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, with bible. (Diary of a Hollywood Street King)

Never has an anti-choice politician been so blatant that his motives are purely about his religion.

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In Alabama, Government Interference is Anathema, Except When it Comes to Women’s Rights

While the state faces a heath care crisis, its legislators are focused on sprinklers.

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Personhood USA’s Unhinged Response to National Advocates for Pregnant Women Study

Jennifer and Keith Mason, of Personhood USA. (Newsweek tumblr)

There’s an old saying: A hit dog will holler. That phrase came to mind as I read Personhood USA’s unhinged response to the new study conducted by Lynn Paltrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women and Professor Jeanne Flavin of Fordham University. Never mind the facts, Personhood USA makes up its own.

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Legal Roundup: On Roe Anniversary Legal Attacks on Reproductive Rights Increase


The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a reminder that the battle for women’s rights is far from over.

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Hope Ankrom and Amanda Kimbrough: Victims of Alabama’s Personhood Agenda

Amanda Kimbrough. (123 People)

I have grown to hate the term “judicial activism” because it is frequently used by conservatives to criticize court decisions they simply don’t like. Still, there are few alternative phrases that accurately describe the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision in the consolidated cases of Amanda Kimbrough and Hope Ankrom, two women who were swept up in the Alabama judiciary’s zeal to promote an anti-choice personhood agenda by redefining the word “child” in Alabama’s chemical endangerment statute, so that it now applies to pregnant women who uses any amount of controlled substances, whether prescribed by a doctor or not.

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Justice for Sale: Big Money Floods State Judicial Races and the Implications Are Ominous


If state judicial elections continue to be a big-money game, reproductive health and social justice could lose big.

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