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Women Who Have Abortions Are ‘Not Alone': A Q&A With Abortion Story Advocate Beth Matusoff Merfish

Founders of Not Alone: (from left to right) Brett, Sherry, and Beth Matusoff Merfish

RH Reality Check recently spoke with Beth Matusoff Merfish, co-founder (with her sister, Brett, and mother, Sherry) of Not Alone about how her organization combats abortion stigma through storytelling. As Merfish explains, these stories have the potential to “open people’s minds” and hearts.

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Discrimination, Doxxing, and That ‘Louie’ Episode: A Q&A With the Filmmakers Behind ‘Fattitude’

Fattitude looks at the ubiquity of fat prejudice through media analyses and interviews with well-known activists.

RH Reality Check recently spoke to Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman, who are crowdsourcing funds for Fattitude, their documentary about fat prejudice. The filmmakers discuss the core principles of Fattitude, the harassment they’ve experienced while making the film, and much more.

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Queering Sex Ed: What You Need to Know About Sex Between Women

Just in time for STD Awareness Month, Dr. Tonia Poteat answers questions about queer sexual health.

Just in time for STD Awareness Month, Dr. Tonia Poteat answers questions about queer sexual health—from the most common sexually transmitted infections among queer women to describing how we can protect ourselves and reduce the risk of transmission.

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Why the ‘Good Mother’ Myth Has Got to Go: A Q&A With Avital Norman Nathman

The "good mother" myth is an amalgamation of all the supposed good or "right" things a mother should be.

RH Reality Check recently spoke with Avital Norman Nathman, editor of The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality, about toxic ideas of perfection, parenting, and gender.

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‘After Tiller’ Filmmaker Martha Shane Discusses Screening the Film in Wichita

For this audience, viewing After Tiller provided something even more than philosophical and moral musings about a difficult and complex subject matter. It provided yet another step toward healing for this community so intimately aligned with the film’s namesake, their doctor, their hero, and their friend.

RH Reality Check recently spoke with Shane about the film and what it meant to show it in Wichita, where Dr. George Tiller practiced and was killed by anti-choice terrorist Scott Roeder.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Black Unwed Mothers: A Q&A With Tanya Fields of the BLK Projek

Fields drew attention during a recent live-streamed conversation between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry, when she asked about the tearing down of Black unmarried mothers by other Black women.

Fields drew attention during a recent live-streamed conversation between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry, when she asked about the tearing down of Black unmarried mothers by other Black women. RH Reality Check spoke with her about being a woman of color leader, stereotypes placed on Black unmarried mothers, and more.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: A Discussion With the Filmmakers of ‘How to Lose Your Virginity’ and ‘Subjectified’

Filmmaker Therese Shechter tries on a wedding dress in "How to Lose Your Virginity."

Two new documentaries directed by young women operate under a shared thesis: Women need to talk about sex.

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Talking to Sex Workers About Fighting for Their Rights, Feminism, and More

Women carrying a banner about sex workers' rights in the Capital Pride Parade on August 26, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario.

RH Reality Check recently spoke with sex workers Minnie Scarlet, Darby Hickey, and Violet Rose about what role they think feminism can play in sex workers’ rights, among other issues.

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The Last Resort: An Interview With an Underground Provider of Abortion Medication

She offers whatever help she can—usually an envelope of drugs, words of advice, and a warning to go to the hospital if anything goes wrong.

An underground provider of abortion medication to women in desperate circumstances agreed to do an extensive interview with RH Reality Check to explain exactly what she does, and why she is willing to put her own freedom at risk to help women in need.

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New York City Council Candidate Discusses Running for Office While Pregnant

raquel batista final

“Don’t be scared. Just go for it,” said new mother Raquel Batista, who is running to represent the Bronx in the New York City Council. “There is nothing to lose. There is nothing to lose in running for office and starting your family.”

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