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Bra-Washing Is a Men’s Issue….?

Men are really worried about the state of bra-washing in America. Sound like a satire or parody? It’s not. (via Slate)

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Get Real! Why Am I Scared to Touch My Own Vagina?

Feeling anxiety or shame about one's own genitals happens. Here are some things to consider when it is, and some approaches to learning to accept and embrace a body part where we can get all too many messages to the contrary.

Feeling anxiety or shame about one’s own genitals happens. Here are some things to consider and some approaches to learning to accept and embrace these body parts.

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Same-Sex Marriage Bans Violate the Equal Protection Clause. End of Story

While New Jersey's governor is still fighting same-sex marriage in court, ceremonies are set to begin on Monday and the state's newly elected senator says he will be conducting some of them.

There is no legitimate overriding purpose for subjecting gays and lesbians to invidious discrimination based on sexual orientation, because, ultimately, once you chip away at arguments against same-sex marriage, you’re left with nothing but “because it’s gross.” And “Ewww” is not a reason to deny an entire class of citizens a fundamental right.

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Get Real! He’s Queer, I’m Straight, and It’s Great, Except…

"I know many people experience different romantic vs sexual attraction, and from talking to him, I feel like he is a little more sexually attracted to men, and a more romantically attracted to women."

Can a heterosexual woman have a healthy, happy sexual and romantic relationship with a queer man? You bet. But it might not be right for everyone.

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Get Real! Why Can’t I Stop Being So Scared of Pregnancy?


Working with young people and sexuality daily, we frequently see users who have pervasive fears about becoming pregnant, even when they aren’t taking risks to begin with.

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Get Real! I Might Not Be Ready for What Other People Will Say if I Start Having Sex


Feeling interested in sex with a partner, but unsure and fearful about what other folks might think or say about it? Here’s some help in figuring if you’re up to that part of a sexual life.

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Get Real! I’m 25: Shouldn’t I Have Been Ready for Sex?


There’s no “should” for when and if we feel ready for any kind of sex, or want to engage in any kind of sex. And no one knows better than you when, and if, that time is.

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Tennessee’s Newest “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is Worse Than it Ever Was


Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill is back and now this time it might force school officials to “out” any students who they suspect might be gay. In the face of much criticism, the bill’s sponsor has unleashed one homophobic remark after another. 

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Sex Education in South Carolina Still Failing 25 Years After Passage of Comprehensive Law

(MPB Online)

South Carolina was ahead of the curve in adopting a mandate for health education, which includes a reproductive health component, in 1988. A new report suggests, however, that 25-years later many school districts aren’t following the mandate and students are still not getting the education they should. 

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In Teen Pregnancy Prevention, the Ends Don’t Justify the Means

(Daily News)

A new document designed to settle debates over how to approach teen pregnancy prevention implies that evidence should trump content. As a sexuality educator and a mother, I have to disagree. What you say is important, as is how you say it and, frankly, equally important is what you deliberately leave out (e.g. no mention of same-sex relationships).

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