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‘Man Pregnancy’ and Other Harmful Notions That Prevent Inclusivity

Thomas Beatie.

Our society polices which bodies are supposed to reproduce—everything that falls outside of these expectations becomes a spectacle or public property.

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70 & Pregnant: Why a TLC Show Made Me Reconsider How I Feel About Older Parents

I have always scoffed at those (men and women) who have children in their 50s or 60s. It seemed unbelievably unfair to the child who had a much higher chance of being orphaned before adulthood or worse spending their childhood taking care of elderly parents.  But a special on TLC (home of Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers in Tiaras) actually made me question my preconceived notions.

I have always scoffed at those (men and women) who have children in their fifties and sixties.  And then I watched 70 & Pregnant.

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It’s Not Just Those Awful Ads in NYC: Teen Moms Are Bullied Every Day

Billboard campaign to prevent teen pregnancy in Washington, DC.

When teens become parents, they instantly become victims of discrimination, judgment, and stereotyping, not only from their peers, but from school staff as well.

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Universal Preschool, The Right to Give Birth, and Why Girls Are Better At School Than Boys

On this episode of Reality Cast, Claudia Buchmann will explain why women are outperforming men academically and what it means. Obama proposes universal preschool, and conservatives predictably reject any measure that would improve women’s lives. Also, a pregnant teen in Texas wins the right to give birth against her parents’ wishes.

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New Study Shows Birth Centers Are a Quality Option for Low-Risk Births


Two weeks ago the American Association of Birth Centers and the American College of Nurse-Midwives released the findings from a new study.The big picture finding is this: for low-risk women giving birth, birth centers are an alternative that provides a safe, supportive, and cost-saving environment in which to give birth.

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Teen Motherhood: When “Reality TV” Doesn’t Fully Reflect Reality

The media has recently latched on to the idea of the “teen mom,” elevating her to star status—both in dramas and on reality TV. These shows feature teen pregnancy, but they do so in an unrealistic way that fetishizes and glamorizes it. The stories of the girls I spoke with at The Care Center are much different from the ones shown in half-hour snippets on TV and splashed across tabloid magazines.

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Inter-American Court Approves Access to IVF in Costa Rica

In Vitro trial at the Inter-American Court of Human Rigts. Photo: Ticotimes.net.

Last month, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a final ruling in favor of the right to access in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Costa Rica. This is a win for women and Catholics and a blow to the bishops and conservatives who want to deny individuals the right to decide whether and when to have children.

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The Skeptical OB, the New Battle of EC, and Christmas Sourpusses

Pressure on the White House to rethink the restrictions on Plan B intensifies. Right wing pundits celebrate Christmas by attacking women. Also, a doctor speaks out about the dangers of home birth. Editor’s note: This podcast contains an interview with Dr. Amy Tuteur, whose work and opinions on home birth are widely challenged.  The interview and contents of this podcast reflect the author and interviewee alone, and are  in no way meant to imply RH Reality Check‘s support of the views expressed.

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Hyperemesis is Serious Business, Whether You’re a Princess or a Pauper

Kate Middleton

Hyperemesis is no stroll in the palace park. Kate may be a princess, but she is also human. Women of every race, class, and income level face risks in pregnancy and put their bodies on the line every time they get pregnant. The only differences between the princess and the pauper are that one has proper food, nutrition, and care and the other has none.

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Judge Mandates Mentally-Disabled Nevada Woman Continue Her Pregnancy

A judge has ruled that the pregnant Nevada woman should continue her pregnancy as her legal guardians requested.

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