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Do Religious Restrictions Force Doctors to Commit Malpractice?

Across the U.S., religious healthcare corporations are absorbing once secular and independent hospitals and in the process imposing religious restrictions that sometimes pit standard medical practice against theology.

Across the United States, religious health-care corporations are absorbing once secular and independent hospitals and in the process imposing religious restrictions that sometimes pit standard medical practice against theology.

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Funding Down, Komen Drops Three-Day Walks in Half of Current Cities

Photo of the 2012 3-day walk in DC.

Effective next year, the 3-Day walks, as they are called, will no longer take place in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, or Washington, D.C.

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Will the California Disability Community Support Domestic Workers’ Legislation?

Last year, Republican senators, led by far-right ideologues Michael Farris and Rick Santorum, defeated ratification of a U.N. treaty based on the Americans With Disabilities Act. Will they succeed again this year?

Having failed in 2012, there is a renewed campaign in California for a domestic workers’ bill of rights. And like 2012, it is unclear whether the disability community will support the legislation.

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President Obama: Women Stood for You. Stand With Us and Remove Abortion Restrictions From Your Budget

(Steve Rhodes/Creative Commons license via ANSIRH blog)

We put President Obama into office. Now my generation must hold Obama accountable to his commitments, including urging him to submit a budget to Congress without unfair restrictions on coverage for abortion care. Obama Administration, take note that women will be watching to see if you live up to your commitments to women’s health care.

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Steubenville, Texas Family Planning, and Virginia Abortion Restrictions

Andrea Grimes updates us on what’s happening to Texas family planning funding. Also: review of the Steubenville rape case and a look at Virginia’s new abortion regulations.

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Ohio Senator Nina Turner Suggests Men Seeking Viagra Undergo Psychological Testing

Senator Nina Turner. Photo: Electronicvillage.blogspot.com.

Won’t someone please, please think of the men? Can we really be sure they know what they are doing?

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Wisconsin Anti-Choicers Want to Arrest Anyone Who Implements Obamacare, Including Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Photo: Prunejuice Media.

The Tea Party is ready to make some citizen arrests.

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How Discrimination Leads to Health Disparities in the Transgender Community

Data shows that transgender people are more likely to be uninsured, face discrimination in health care, be HIV positive and suffer from depression and attempted suicide.

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Texas Promises To Shut Down Women’s Health Program Altogether If Compelled To Include Planned Parenthood

Image: The Austin Chronicle.

Texas’s top public health official announced yesterday that if it is compelled by the courts to include Planned Parenthood in the Women’s Health Program, it will simply shut the health program down entirely.

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No Joke. Choice Matters. Everywhere.

This video is funny, but the reality is not: women around the world face barriers to reproductive health care every single day. In some countries, women need their husbands’ consent to get birth control, can’t count on their health care providers having necessary tests and medicines in stock, and have to travel long distances for uncertain access to care. Share this video, and join Pathfinder in taking a stand.

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