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Family (Planning) Matters, and Over 1,000 Religious Leaders Agree. Why Does the Media Continue to Ignore Them?


We share an obligation to resist any attempts, political or religious, to restrict or deny access to family planning services. Over 1,000 religious leaders agree, and more are speaking out every day.

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Baby Aboard: The Navy Responds to High Rates of Unplanned Pregnancies Among Sailors

(William Pittman/U.S. Navy via Stars and Stripes)

Unintended pregnancies are even more common among women in the Navy than they are in the general population and they can be even more disruptive to their lives and careers. The Navy is spending January addressing this issue through its peer-mentoring group, Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD).

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Texas Disables Problem-Riddled Health Provider Website But Still Has No Answers on Access to Care

(screenshot via TexasWomensHealth.org)

Last week, the Texas Health And Human Services Commission disabled the problem-riddled online provider search function on its Texas Women’s Health Program website, which has, for months, directed low-income women seeking pap smears to call endoscopy clinics and pediatric offices.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Consider Truth in Advertising Crisis Pregnancy Center Law

(original photo via Think Progress)

First, one city. Maybe later the whole state?

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Texas Claims Women’s Health Program Capacity Will Increase Without Planned Parenthood, Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

Governor Rick Perry. (Rick Barrera/Statesman.com)

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has said that it will have absolutely no trouble managing the number of clients in its new Texas Women’s Health Program, according to the department’s own survey. According to everyone else? Not so much.

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Five Things to Look for in Family Planning in 2013

In many ways, 2012 was a banner year for international family planning and reproductive health. What should we be looking for in 2013?

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Aging Sperm? Not the End of the World

Judith Shulevitz’s recent New Republic essay on how later parenthood is “upending American society” claims that delaying kids could lead us down a rabbit hole of genetic decline. But the evidence is inconclusive and somewhat anecdotal.

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Is Better Access to Sex Ed and Contraceptive Methods Behind the Latest Significant Decline in Abortion Rates?

Does the decline in abortion rates indicate better reproductive health choices and outcomes for women? And if so, how do we continue to build on this success?

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By Choice, Not by Chance: Family Planning is Everyone’s Right

Access to family planning services is a long-recognized basic human right… but we have a long way to go to ensure everyone has access.

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Planned Parenthood Takes Texas Lawsuit to Court

Photo: John Anderson/Austin Chronicle.

In Thursday’s hearing, Planned Parenthood argued that its exclusion from the WHP would have a significant negative impact on low-income Texans’ access to health care; in its defense, the state argued that any negative impact was irrelevant to the case.

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