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Hillary Clinton Defends Reproductive Rights and Family Planning

An oldie but a goodie: (Now former) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responds to a question about the role of the U.S. government in supporting access to safe abortion, contraception, maternal health care, and education abroad with a vigorous defense of reproductive rights and family planning.


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Many Women Aren’t Using the Best Birth Control Method for Them—And it’s Not Their Fault

When women are given the tools to identify the contraceptive method that best fits their lifestyle and goals, they are more likely to be satisfied and continue using the method correctly.

Imperfect contraceptive use has often been positioned as a failure on the part of patients. But it could equally be viewed as a predictable consequence of women not being supported in choosing the best method for them.

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Family Planning Is Key to Healthy Pregnancies and Births

It is crucial to protect and invest in the programs that are needed to ensure that all women, regardless of income or background, can access the affordable care they need to have healthier pregnancies and births.

According to a new report, the United States has the highest first-day death rate in the industrialized world. Addressing this and related problems will require comprehensive efforts to reduce pervasive economic, social, and health disparities.

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Justice Doesn’t Just Happen: Feminist Activists Were Essential to EC Ruling

Local activists just launched a campaign urging against the retention of Judge Teresa Carr Deni in Philadelphia municipal court in next week’s general election.

What did it really take for a Reagan-appointed federal judge to make one of the most critical reproductive justice rulings of the year, possibly the decade?

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My Right to Choose My Daughter Made Me the Confident Woman I Am Today


In a strange turn of events and circumstance—being pregnant at 15—I found I suddenly had my life in my own hands. Finally people wanted to know what I wanted. Four days before my sixteenth birthday I became a teen mom, by my own choice.

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Stand With Planned Parenthood and the Women of Texas

Planned Parenthood stands with Texas women and against the Texas politicians trying to restrict women’s access to preventive health care, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV tests, and birth control.

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State Funding Cuts and Anti-Choice Policies Cited for Closure of Four Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinics

Planned Parenthood rally in Wisconsin, March 2012.

As a result of anti-choice policies and budget cuts, four clinics providing health care to low income and rural Wisconsin patients will close.

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Family (Planning) Matters, and Over 1,000 Religious Leaders Agree. Why Does the Media Continue to Ignore Them?


We share an obligation to resist any attempts, political or religious, to restrict or deny access to family planning services. Over 1,000 religious leaders agree, and more are speaking out every day.

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Baby Aboard: The Navy Responds to High Rates of Unplanned Pregnancies Among Sailors

(William Pittman/U.S. Navy via Stars and Stripes)

Unintended pregnancies are even more common among women in the Navy than they are in the general population and they can be even more disruptive to their lives and careers. The Navy is spending January addressing this issue through its peer-mentoring group, Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD).

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Texas Disables Problem-Riddled Health Provider Website But Still Has No Answers on Access to Care

(screenshot via TexasWomensHealth.org)

Last week, the Texas Health And Human Services Commission disabled the problem-riddled online provider search function on its Texas Women’s Health Program website, which has, for months, directed low-income women seeking pap smears to call endoscopy clinics and pediatric offices.

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