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Welcome to Brazil, Pope Francis! Can We Please Talk About Contraception?

Pope Francis I at the installation Mass on March 19, 2013 in Vatican City.

Many who attend events during the pope’s visit would welcome an announcement that the Vatican will end its opposition to family planning. It might be too much to hope for, but some of us still believe in miracles.

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The Bishops v. Birth Control: It’s Not About the Money

In a scathing report released yesterday on the Holy See’s adherence to the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an aggressive UN committee knocked the Holy See off the high ground.

How does paying for a health-saving service like birth control for women become such a threat to Church fathers that they’ve made a major campaign out of it?

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The Bishops Do Not Speak for All Catholics

The U.S. Catholic bishops want to be known as the champions of the poor and struggling. But they're happy to block services to the needy to further their anti-contraception agenda.

I do not believe that people—especially Catholics—in either the Philippines or Ireland want our elected officials to bend a knee to the will of the bishops when it comes to reproductive health.

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Exodus International, and Studying Narrow-Mindedness Among Some Christians

Alan Manning Chambers gives his opening address at the 38th Annual Exodus Freedom Conference.

When “reparative therapy” organization Exodus International folded in mid-June, the group’s president, Alan Chambers, issued an apology to those the organization had hurt. His words seemed tailor-made to illustrate a recent report that likened many of today’s Christians to Pharisees.

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‘Moral Monday’ Protests Grow in North Carolina, With Support for Women’s Rights Advocates

Each week's Moral Monday protest has a theme, and this Monday activists will focus on labor and economic justice. A key factor will no doubt be the economic impact the GOP's new regressive policies would have on women.

Each week’s Moral Monday protest has a theme, and this Monday activists will focus on labor and economic justice. A key factor will no doubt be the economic impact the GOP’s new regressive policies would have on women.

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‘Something Better Is Coming': Alan Chambers Gives His Last Speech to Gay Reparative Therapy Ministry Exodus International

Alan Chambers has been president of Exodus International, a gay reparative therapy ministry, for 12 years. In this speech, which marks a beautiful moment in history for LGBTQ people and Christians in the United States, he apologizes for spreading the message he has spread through Exodus for all these years, and instills hope for a brighter future and reconciliation for and within the church.

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Abortion a Low Priority on Day One of Religious Right Gathering

Ralph Reed addresses his Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference, June 13, 2013.

The day after Rep. Trent Franks pulled a Todd Akin, senators speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference breathed barely a word about abortion—and not a peep about contraception.

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Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele: Epic Church-State Breakup

Music video starring Glee’s Jane Lynch and Key & Peele’s Jordan Peele to raise awareness for the importance of the constitutional principle of church-state separation. (via Funny or Die)

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Understanding Reproductive Justice: A Response to O’Brien

We see the history and content of the reproductive justice framework and movement, and its critique of choice, quite differently.

“Inclusivity” and “intersectionality” are not just words. They describe the theory and practice of the reproductive justice movement with the potential to revitalize all of our advocacy and enable us to create the large and motivated base of support required to secure reproductive rights, health, and justice for all.

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Bishops Tap Veteran of Islamophobic, Homophobic Legal Shop as Top Flack

A host of new lawsuits, including a class-action challenge, look to take down the Obama administration's compromise rule for religiously affiliated nonprofits.

In choosing Daniels as his hand-picked spokesperson, Cardinal Dolan has laid bare just how radically the U.S. Catholic Church has turned to the right in the Obama years.

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