How to Submit an Article Invoice

Thanks for writing for RH Reality Check!

Here’s how to submit an invoice for your work.

1) You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the invoice properly. If you need it,  go here to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2) Download the invoice here (right click on Windows or control-click on Mac and choose Save).

3a) Open Adobe Reader and choose File > Open File and navigate to the PDF invoice form you just downloaded and click to open it.


3b) Find the file where you saved it on your computer, right click or control-click the file and choose Open With Adobe Reader (if you do not see Adobe Reader as an option to open the file, you will need to install it, go back to step 1).

4) Fill out the invoice form.

5) Choose File > Save As.

6) Rename the invoice form with your name and invoice date, like this: Brady Swenson 2012-03-20.pdf.

7) Email the file to invoice [at] rhrealitycheck [dot] org.

Thank you for your contribution to and support of sexual and reproductive health and justice news, commentary and analysis.