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The Good, the Bad and the Entertaining…

News roundup: Support the Freedom of Choice Act; Mexico City legalizes early abortion; North Dakota bans abortion; and Planned Parenthood's media Maggie Awards.

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European Parliament Asks Sauerbrey to Reconsider

The European Parliament is asking U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Ellen Sauerbrey to reconsider attending the World Congress of Families next month because speakers' views are out of step with the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban

This just in: "Supreme Court upholds federal ban on disuputed abortion procedure." It's a sad day for reproductive rights.

Stay tuned for more…

Meanwhile, check out our coverage of the Supreme Court case.

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Friday Entertainment Edition: Panda Demands Abortion

If humor has healing powers, The Onion is a great doctor. (For those of you unfamiliar with The Onion: Do you live in a cave? er… What I meant to say is … Please understand that the following video is a joke. Satire. Not to be taken seriously.) I hope this makes you laugh and brightens your Friday.

[img_assist|nid=3015|title=Watch the video!|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=510]


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Media Watch: Time Magazine Calls Emergency Contraception “Abortion-Inducing”

An article in Time Magazine on March 30th sported some sloppy reporting on reproductive health. The article "A Pro-Choice Movement in Mexico" included a comparison of abortion policies in surrounding Latin America (emphasis mine):

Although Chile has one of South America's strictest anti-abortion codes, it's estimated to have twice as many abortions each year (200,000) as Canada – a country with twice Chile's population. (Abortion is legal in Canada.) As a result, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, a socialist, late last year sanctioned the free distribution of abortion-inducing "morning-after" contraception pills at government-run hospitals.

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Blog Against Sexual Violence Day, April 5

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the theme is "Prevent Sexual Violence … in our communities." RH Reality Check is proud to participate in Blog Against Sexual Violence Day to raise awareness of sexual violence.

Related news and information roundup after the jump.

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Breaking News: Wade Horn Resigns

Two major resignations from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in under a week! Wade Horn, considered the point man on abstinence education for the Bush Administration, resigned today as Assistant Secretary for Children and Families at HHS. (Abandon ship, anyone?)

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Keroack is Gone! Kappeler to Replace Him?

Eric Keroack resigned Thursday as Director of the Office of Population Affairs (in charge of Title X, family planning funding). I'd love to tell you it was because of the public outrage at his ridiculous positions on birth control and family planning (among other things), but it looks like it's because the Massachusetts Office of Medicaid is taking action against him. Hmmm… sounds like there's some dirt there.

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Media Watch: The Palm Beach Post and The L.A. Times Take on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Congratulations to The Palm Beach Post for their op-ed last Sunday "To have fewer abortions, stop subsidizing the lies." The editorial denounces Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and takes the position that CPCs should not receive public funds. We have previously highlighted the lies and deceitful tactics used by these health-center-imitators, but it bears repeating until funding goes to medically-accurate programs (instead of zealots who believe that stopping abortion justifies lying to and harassing women).

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Stumping John McCain

Last Friday, reporters managed to stump 2008 presidential hopeful John McCain. What tough topic caused the senator to pause awkwardly and stumble for an answer? Iraq? No … Poverty? Try again … Healthcare? Getting closer … Contraception? Bingo! Specifically, whether contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV and should they be publicly funded.

Now, this should be a no-brainer. Honestly, anyone who has been through sex ed should know that condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV infection. Oh wait … except that abstinence-only education gets tons of funding (while comprehensive sex ed gets none) and so it is prevalent in our nation's schools despite the fact that it doesn't teach kids medically accurate information, it doesn't teach them how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and abstinence-only programs actually spread misinformation and religious dogma. Well, don't worry—McCain is also confused about his position on sexuality education. After a long pause, he decided that he thinks he supports the president's policy.

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