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Pennsylvania ‘Pro-Life Caucus’ to Re-Introduce Admitting Privileges Bill

Galvanized by a recent ruling regarding Texas' omnibus anti-abortion law, Pennsylvania lawmakers are seeking support to re-introduce an admitting privileges bill.

Galvanized by a recent ruling regarding Texas’ omnibus anti-abortion law, Pennsylvania lawmakers are seeking support to re-introduce an admitting privileges bill.

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New Pennsylvania Clinic May Have Ties to Rogue Abortion Provider

Steven Brigham's (pictured above during arrest) trouble in Pennsylvania goes back two decades.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is investigating a new abortion clinic in Philadelphia that is suspected to be associated with rogue abortion provider Dr. Steven Brigham, according to a spokesperson.

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Activists Campaign Against Philadelphia Judge Who Ruled Rape as Theft

Local activists just launched a campaign urging against the retention of Judge Teresa Carr Deni in Philadelphia municipal court in next week’s general election.

On Tuesday night, Pussy Division, an anonymous collective of Philadelphia-based feminist activists, started tweeting logos and posted a meme urging voters to vote no on retention of Judge Teresa Carr Deni, who six years ago reduced charges of an alleged gang rape of a sex worker to theft of services.

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‘Breast Cancer Unawareness’: The Debate Over Dense Breast Notification Legislation (Updated)

Experts say it’s more difficult for a mammogram to spot a tumor behind glandular and fibrous tissue; it’s easier for the machine to see through fatty tissue.

Beyond the mainstream breast cancer awareness movement, with its pink billboards and merchandise, a lower-profile campaign focused on raising awareness about breast density has been building steadily.

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Pennsylvania Child Sexual Abuse Case Highlights Need for Statute of Limitations Reform (Updated)

Resurrection of Our Lord Parish in Northeast Philadelphia

The accidental overdose of a 26-year-old man who accused a former Philadelphia priest of raping him as a child underscores Pennsylvania’s battle over the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse.

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During Shutdown, Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Shelters Weather ‘Perfect Storm’ to Stay Open

The shutdown may force the most vulnerable women and children to remain, or re-enter, into abusive situations as domestic violence shelters are next on the chopping block if the shutdown continues.

While new mothers and babies can rely on two more weeks of formula and support through WIC, the shutdown may force the most vulnerable members of this population to remain in, or reenter into, abusive situations, as domestic violence shelters are next on the chopping block.

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During Shutdown, Pennsylvania Can Fund WIC ‘For a Few Weeks’

The federal poverty threshold, which dictates eligibility of most public benefits, including food stamps, is flawed in that it does not account for cost of living.

One of the many services and programs to be shuttered during the shutdown is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, which helps low-income pregnant women and parents with young children facing nutritional risk by providing vouchers for healthy foods and infant formula.

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SlutWalk Philly Changes Protest Name to ‘A March to End Rape Culture’

Half of the buttons for this year's event say, “End Rape Culture,” while the other half feature the word “slut” in a red-letter design that echoes Philadelphia’s famous Robert Indiana "LOVE" statue.

The organizers of the event, which takes place this year on September 28, have kept SlutWalk “in the background” by referring to themselves as SlutWalk Philly, while calling the event itself “A March to End Rape Culture.”

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‘He Said/She Said’ Journalism: A Growing Threat to Public Health

Jenny McCarthy talks to CNN about her son's autism.

Actress Jenny McCarthy got more pushback for her anti-science statements on morning TV than most politicians do for making similarly discredited statements about reproductive health care.

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How Republicans Are Distorting the Gosnell Case to Push a Federal 20-Week Abortion Ban

Rep. Virginia Foxx cries about "America's sin" on the House floor during Tuesday's debate over HR 1797.

Gosnell’s murders were already illegal under current law, so neither HR 1797, nor any other 20-week ban, would prevent another Gosnell. But anti-choice laws could push more women to obtain unsafe abortions.

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