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A New Direction for Restaurant Workers? Zingerman’s and the “Thriveable Wage”

Zingerman's building on Detroit Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Restaurant workers, half of whom are women, are among the lowest earning workers in the United States. But one Michigan company, Zingerman’s, is moving toward a “thriveable wage” for its restaurant workers.

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Behind the Runway: Modeling Might Not Be As Pretty As You Think


It’s hard for some of us to view models as “workers” in the way labor rights advocates understand the term, but working conditions in the fashion industry indicate a need to organize.

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In the Face of Tough Life Circumstances, Domestic Workers Organize, Seek to Influence Immigration Reform


This week nearly 100 domestic workers traveled to Washington, DC to meet with legislators about why immigration reform matters for their lives, and why they ought to be part of the immigration reform agenda.

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Local Advocates, New Labor Secretary Both Critical to Domestic Workers’ Movement

Colorado Lt. Governor Joe Garcia. (Colorado Community College Newswire)

Scrappy advocates representing domestic workers throughout the country may be realizing victories of even deeper significance than a person holding a politically-appointed position ever could.

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Trends in Union Membership Indicate Weak Job Prospects for Women


The narrative of the American worker, and by extension women’s economic status, continues to take a troubling turn in the United States, with the decline of stable public-sector positions as well as weakening labor unions.

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The Connection Between Roe v. Wade and “Feminist Pork”


Some of the most vehement opponents of abortion are also against economic policies that can help struggling families, like paid family leave.

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Big Shoes to Fill: Solis’ Departure Calls for Nomination of Workers’ Rights Advocate

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. (Local510.org)

Who could fill Solis’s shoes and demonstrably make progress on policies impacting vulnerable workers?

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Refocusing Our Lens: Domestic Workers’ Rights Are a Neglected Feminist Issue

Ai Jen Poo and other organizers from the National Domestic Workers Alliance. (Feministing)

Feminists need to pay more attention to domestic workers’ rights, especially in light of how hard domestic workers toil not just in their jobs, but also to advocate for their own basic workplace protections. 

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Living on the Edge of a Permanent Fiscal Cliff: Minimum Wage Workers See Few Gains

Photo: humanevents.com.

While the “fiscal cliff” dominated the news ad nauseum, ten states quietly increased their minimum wage, effective January 1. A whopping 59 percent of all minimum wage earners are women.

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The Elephant in the Room: Why is the Gunman Always Male?

In addition to gun policy reform, gender, and its entanglement with culture, economics, mental health and many other factors, requires serious attention.

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