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How New York’s Governor Is Playing Politics With Women’s Equality

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

In the wake of the recent announcement that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is creating an entirely new party devoted to “women’s equality,” some women’s rights supporters have wondered if the move is truly evidence of his dedication to their cause.

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Don’t Tell Me It’s ‘Not All Men’

“Not all men” has become a meme, an in-joke among those of us who speak up in public or semi-public about feminist concerns.

In the days since I heard about Elliot Rodger’s violent spree, I’ve thought a lot about the meme “not all men”—how telling ourselves that is a requirement for continuing to exist and work in a world that increasingly requires our interactions be public, observable.

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What Sandy Wrought, Part 2: In the Wake of Disaster, Reproductive Health Care Falls by the Wayside

A volunteer at work in a room in the YANA clinic.

In the year since Sandy hit, reproductive heath care and care for other specific, marginalized populations, has been affected in many communities.

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What Sandy Wrought, Part 1: Health-Care Crises Remain a Year After the Storm

Overhead photo of the damage in the Rockaways after Superstorm Sandy.

The storm ripped the roof off the Rockaways area of New York City, literally and figuratively, and shone a light on how woefully under-resourced the community was, and is.

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‘We Have a Deal’: Paid Sick Days Will Be Law in NYC

At a press conference that at times became a raucous rally—members of Make the Road New York and New York Communities for Change could be heard chanting “Si se pudo!” (yes we could), for example—Quinn and Gale Brewer, the bill's sponsor, addressed the crowd and provided details of the bill.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn gave in to relentless pressure from unions, community groups, and the Working Families Party and agreed to pass a bill that will ensure that almost no New Yorker can be fired for taking a day off due to illness.

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New York City Council Holds Paid Sick Days Hearing, But Mayoral Hopeful Quinn Barely Shows

sick woman in bed

Christine Quinn’s silence was notable because she is widely perceived to be the only obstacle standing between the bill and its passage.

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Paid Sick Leave Pays for Itself: So Why Is NYC’s Mayoral Hopeful Blocking It?

New York's city council has a bill that would require paid sick days for more than 1.2 million workers; calling for its passage, the New York Times editorial page noted that it is “a normal benefit for workers in at least 145 countries.”

New York’s city council has a bill that would require paid sick days for more than 1.2 million workers. Research shows it’s an economic no-brainer. But the bill’s been stalled for more than 1,000 days, even as a natural disaster and flu epidemic hit the city.

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Cuomo Says He Wants to Pass the Reproductive Health Act. But Does He Really Mean It?

Governor Cuomo gives his 2013 State of the State address.

In his State of the State speech in January, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made passing the Women’s Equality Act a centerpiece of his agenda for this year, including legislation protecting women’s rights to safe abortion care. But his political allegiances make the fate of the bill unclear. Does he really support it, or is he trying to play both ends?

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The HR3 Ten: Meet Nick Rahall of West Virginia

Ask him why funding NASCAR is more important than funding Planned Parenthood.

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The HR3 Ten: Jerry Costello Loves Fetuses, Hates Women

Meet Jerry Costello. He loves fetuses! More than women, apparently, since he’s a cosponsor of both the formerly-rape-redefining H.R. 3 and the currently let-women-die H.R. 358.

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