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On Last Day of Session, North Carolinians Steel Themselves for Late-Night ‘Motorcycle’ Abortion Vote (UPDATED)

Thursday is listed as the last day of the state's legislative session, but under state rules the proceedings could go on well beyond midnight. It could be a long night.

Thursday is listed as the last day of the state’s legislative session, but under state rules the proceedings could go on well beyond midnight. It could be a long night.

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Rick Santorum Endorses North Carolina ‘Motorcycle Safety’ Abortion Bill

The endorsement could be viewed as the first step in the social conservative's 2016 campaign for the GOP nomination.

In a last-minute bid to spur the senate rules committee into action, 2012 GOP presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has endorsed SB 353.

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Iowa Governor’s Office Reportedly Had Advance Notice About Telemed Abortion Challenge

The bill's house passage comes three months after an Iowa judge blocked from going into effect a state medical board rule that would have banned the practice.

A lawyer in Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s office was reportedly given advance notice that anti-choice advocates were launching a new effort to end the state’s telemedicine abortion program, leading some pro-choice activists to wonder how involved the governor’s office has been in the effort.

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Wisconsin Democrat Launches Quixotic Effort to Overturn Forced Ultrasound Law

Absent from the regulations was the requirement included in the original legislation that prohibited a physician from performing an abortion if a fetal heartbeat was detected and if the fetus was at least 12 weeks’ gestation.

State Rep. Chris Taylor told a local paper that she knows her effort is likely to fail, but she said it’s necessary to “stand up for women” against “very extreme” legislation.

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North Carolina Budget Passes—Is the ‘Motorcycle’ Abortion Bill Next?

An AP investigation of sexual assault cases at U.S. military bases in Japan reveals erratic application of justice, and the senator suspects there's more to be found stateside.

Now that the legislature has the biggest item off its agenda, what will happen to the state’s massive anti-abortion bill?

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North Carolina’s ‘Motorcycle Safety’ Abortion Bill Remains Stalled

As the legislative session draws to a close, the motorcycle bill remains stalled in committee.

As the legislative session draws to a close, the state’s motorcycle safety bill, which was amended with a number of unrelated abortion restrictions, remains stalled in committee.

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Texas Republican Files ‘Heartbeat’ Ban (UPDATED)

Ohio's new heartbeat bill, which could make abortion illegal as early as six weeks from the pregnant person's last menstrual period, will be introduced at a Thursday afternoon press conference.

The ink is barely dry on a bill that may close most of the abortion clinics in Texas, but one legislator is already proposing new restrictions.

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Indiana Woman Charged With Felony Neglect of Dependent After Fetus Found in Dumpster

West, a former medical assistant at Kermit Gosnell's "house of horrors" clinic in West Philadelphia, has been sentenced to five to ten years.

Rather than feticide, Purvi Patel is now facing charges of felony neglect of a dependent, a charge that carries a longer potential prison sentence.

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‘The Blood of Texas Women Is on Your Hands’: Gov. Perry Signs Texas Omnibus Anti-Abortion Bill

"Protestors sing 'we're not gonna take it' after Governor Perry signed HB 2 into law.

Flanked by anti-choice legislators, Republican Gov. Rick Perry held a public ceremony at the state capitol building Thursday to sign HB 2 while pro-choice protesters in the rotunda chanted and held signs.

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Disapproval of North Carolina GOP, Governor Grows After Anti-Choice Bill Proposals

New polling by Public Policy Polling shows that Gov. McCrory's total approval rating has dropped 26 percent in five months.

As SB 353, the North Carolina motorcycle safety bill that was amended to include abortion restrictions, awaits review in the senate rules committee, Republican supporters of the bill, including Gov. Pat McCrory, are seeing increasing disapproval among both health-care organizations and voters in the state.

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