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Straight Talk about Male Circumcision

Adult male circumcision is being pushed as the latest magic bullet for the HIV pandemic — and there’s reason for enthusiasm. But circumcision will not guarantee that men won’t contract HIV or that their female partners are protected.

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Women’s Health and Rights – A Business Investment

Kate Bourne is IWHC's Vice President for International Policy and Regional Programs.

In the United States, we have long expected corporations to be accountable to their employees by providing health insurance for workers and their families. Recently, around the world, the framework of corporate responsibility has expanded to include not only a company's employees, but also surrounding communities.

Investing in women's health and rights is a key mechanism for promotion of corporate accountability, as well as one of the best investments that businesses can make.

More women are living with HIV/AIDS today than ever before – but HIV is only one factor in women's health. In total, sexual and reproductive ill health (which has been around for much longer than HIV/AIDS) accounts for an estimated one-third of the global burden of illness and early death borne by women of reproductive age, which basically corresponds with prime working age.

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