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In 2007, Romney Touted Endorsement of Doctor Who Pushed “Legitimate Rape” Junk Science

Dr. John C. Willke Andrew Spear/The New York Times

In 2007, Mitt Romney happily embraced one of the proponents of fanciful reproductive biology and a “father” of the “legitimate rape,” uh… theory.


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Is It Really Best for Women If Akin Withdraws? Questions About a Defining Moment

Calls are mounting for Missouri Representative Todd Akin to resign. But is it really best for women’s rights if he does so?

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MO Senate Candidate Todd Akin Says Abortion Not Necessary Because Women’s Bodies Can “Shut Pregnancy Down” After Rape

Missouri Tea Party Senate Candidate doesn’t think abortion in cases of rape is really necessary. Why? Because in cases of “legitimate rape” women’s bodies know how to prevent a pregnancy from happening in the first place.

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Pregnant Dominican Teen Dies of Complications of Cancer and Refusal of Abortion

Rosa Hernandez, mother of the teen. CNN.

Doctors were forced to wait to treat her cancer due to fears it could terminate the pregnancy, while her mother pleaded for an abortion in an effort to save her daughter’s life.

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Why “Free Birth Control” is Not Free

Paid stamp on invoice

Many reporters and columnists have consistently used the word “free” when describing the new preventive health care benefits for women under the Affordable Care Act. While these benefits are critical to women’s health, public health, and the economic health of our country, they are not “free.”

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Ninth Circuit Court Blocks Arizona’s Extreme Abortion Ban

As women across the country celebrate the first day of coverage without co-pays of a wide range of preventive care services, including contraception without a co-pay, health and rights groups are fighting in the courts to maintain access to safe abortion care at the state level.

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House Fails to Pass D.C. 20-Week Abortion Ban

In a remarkable vote, an anti-choice dominated House of Representatives failed to pass HR 3803, a bill that would have imposed a 20-week abortion ban on the District of Columbia.

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Rights Groups File Motion for Emergency Injunction Against Arizona Law Banning Abortion at 20 Weeks

[img src]

Rights groups tonight filed a motion for an emergency injunction against HB 2036, the Arizona law that, among other things, bans abortions after 20 weeks.

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Federal Judge Upholds Arizona Law Criminalizing All Abortions After 20 Weeks

Judge James A. Teilborg. [img src]

A federal judge today upheld Arizona’s unconstitutional pre-viability ban on abortion, allowing the law to go into effect later this week. The law bans all abortions at 20 weeks from a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP) with no exceptions for a pregnant woman’s life or health unless she is experiencing a dire and possibly life-threatening emergency.

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CORRECTION: Colorado Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against Birth Control Mandate

Ellen M. Blalock/The Post-Standard/AP.

The preliminary injunction, granted in a suit brought by owners of an air-conditioning company in Colorado who “oppose birth control.”

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