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What a Colorado Senate Candidate’s Conscience Would Do to Women

Ken Buck

A U.S. Senate candidate in Colorado says abortion issues don’t matter to voters, even though it’s widely agreed that he lost his last Senate bid precisely due to his extreme anti-choice position.

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Anti-Choice Agenda Thrives in Hallway of Conservative Conference in Denver

So the excitement in the halls of the Western Conservative Summit over the "personhood" measure did not match the silence on the conference agenda.

A large conservative conference in Denver showed how conservatives are at once unable to drop their extreme abortion views and, at the same time, at a loss regarding what to say about it.

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Why Is Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman Suddenly Disappointing His Personhood Supporters?

You'd expect Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) (pictured above) to join fellow House Republicans in supporting an abortion ban, but his decision to back exceptions for rape and incest, when he ardently opposed such exceptions previously, raises questions for the Congressman.

You’d expect Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) to join fellow House Republicans in supporting an abortion ban, but his decision to back exceptions for rape and incest, when he ardently opposed such exceptions previously, raises questions for the Congressman.

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Leading Anti-Abortion Congressman in Fight for Political Life Against Pro-Choice Challenger

One of the country’s most ardent anti-choice Congressmen, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) (pictured on the left above), is in danger of losing his newly re-drawn House seat to pro-choice Democrat Andrew Romanoff (pictured on the right above).

One of the country’s most ardent anti-choice Congressmen, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), is in danger of losing his newly re-drawn House seat to pro-choice Democrat Andrew Romanoff. Abortion issues are likely to take center stage in their race next year.

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‘Personhood’ Backers in Colorado Push Ballot Initiative to Define ‘Person and Child’

With several abortion restrictions on hold, anti-choice activists are using their down time to prepare for a new push to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs via a "personhood" measure.

The new measure’s language is more obtuse than the personhood initiatives of 2008 and 2010, enabling law enforcement officials to prosecute people who commit crimes against “unborn human beings.”

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Is Anti-Choice Colorado Group Encouraging Politicians to Lie About their Positions?


Recognizing the public’s hostility toward candidates who want to ban abortion, a Colorado group offers to help candidates who want to conceal their anti-choice views from voters.

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Local Colorado TV News Stations Fact Check Ads Attacking Romney’s Anti-Choice Positions

Marshall Zelinger. The Denver Channel.com.

Local TV news stations in Colorado, a swing state, are fact checking many of the political ads inundating the airwaves. Two local stations in Denver were mostly right in their recent analyses of ads attacking Mitt Romney’s position on a women’s right to choose.

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Which Personhood Endorser in Colorado Will Be Ryan’s Role Model?

Paul Ryan. Steve Pope/Getty Images.

Romney running mate Paul Ryan, who’s endorsed personhood at the federal level, will have to decide whether to un-endorse the measure or stand behind it.

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Why Is Former Personhood Supporter, Congressman Mike Coffman, Ducking Questions About the New Ballot in Colorado?

Rep. Mike Coffman. AP/Files.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) has supported Colorado personhood amendments, which would ban all abortions and some common forms of birth control. Now, he’s announced he will not endorse a personhood measure this year. Why not?

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Lighten Up, College Students, Aspirin-Between-the-Legs is Abstinence, Which Is “Still a Form of Birth Control”

A GOP leader in Colorado tells pro-choice college students, protesting at a Republican fundraiser featuring Foster “aspirin-between-their-legs” Friess, to lighten up and appreciate that abstinence is a form of birth control. But what about the common forms of birth control that some GOP leaders want to ban?

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