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‘Follow the Leader’ Examines Conservatism, White Boys, and Political Entitlement (Oh My!)

In this screenshot from 'Follow the Leader,' Ben (middle) prays with Cuccinelli (right) and other staff over a meal at a restaurant.

While respectful and serious in the treatment of its subjects, Follow the Leader is a rollicking romp through patriarchy. It is entertaining, illuminating, and a springboard for conversations beneficial to those of us who would prefer to see more than only conservative white boys angling for the oval office.

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Vote Nears for ENDA, With Broader Religious Exemptions (Updated)

Advocates opposing broad religious exemptions in ENDA attend a press conference on Capitol Hill.

The religious exemptions currently folded into the Employment Non-Discrimination Act are broad enough to allow Catholic schools to continue firing teachers for being gay. But these base religious exemptions were not broad enough to satisfy some key Republican senators.

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Religious Exemptions at Issue in Proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act

A strong majority supports protecting LGBTQ people from workplace discrimination, and a proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) introduced in both the House and Senate would make that law—except probably not in Catholic schools and some other religiously affiliated institutions.

ENDA would protect many LGBTQ individuals from workplace discrimination, something a strong majority of Americans support. However, the proposed version of the law would not protect LGBTQ employees at Catholic schools and some other religiously affiliated institutions.

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Judge Rules Abortion Clinic’s Appeal to TRAP Law Can Proceed in Virginia

Attendees from the rally outside the courthouse.

Wednesday morning, an Arlington Circuit Court judge ruled against a motion filed by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to dismiss an appeal by the Falls Church Healthcare Center concerning a TRAP law in the state.

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Backing Off Sexual Oppression: How the Pope Can Make Us Believe Him

While last week's comments are an important (and long overdue) first step for the Vatican, it's hardly time for advocates of gender, reproductive, and sexual justice to rest on their laurels.

While Pope Francis’ comments last week on abortion, contraception, and homosexuality are an important (and long overdue) first step for the Vatican, it’s hardly time for advocates of gender, reproductive, and sexual justice to rest on their laurels.

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A Case Study in Awful: The 8 Worst Parts of the Recent Naval Academy Rape Hearing

Naval Academy Coat of Arms.

I take a look at some of the horrible insinuations, statements, and questions used by defense attorneys to impugn the character of a 21-year-old female midshipman.

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New York City Council Candidate Discusses Running for Office While Pregnant

raquel batista final

“Don’t be scared. Just go for it,” said new mother Raquel Batista, who is running to represent the Bronx in the New York City Council. “There is nothing to lose. There is nothing to lose in running for office and starting your family.”

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Republican Massachusetts Senate Candidate Opens Up on Forced Waiting Periods

Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez.

At Wednesday’s debate Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez gave some indication of how he would vote on reproductive health policy, a topic that he has been reluctant to discuss in detail on the campaign trail.

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Funding Down, Komen Drops Three-Day Walks in Half of Current Cities

Photo of the 2012 3-day walk in DC.

Effective next year, the 3-Day walks, as they are called, will no longer take place in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, or Washington, D.C.

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Inside the Bro-Choice Campaign: Giving Men the Green Light to Step Up for Reproductive Justice

Male students participate in Bro-Choice week events at Georgia Southern University.

“Reproductive justice isn’t just a women’s issue; it’s a people issue.”

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