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The Vatican Sex Abuse Hearing in One Word: Troubling

In a scathing report released yesterday on the Holy See’s adherence to the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an aggressive UN committee knocked the Holy See off the high ground.

Based on Thursday’s UN panel, we were given additional reasons to believe that the all-male hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church must not be entrusted to come up with a program that will resolve and redress sexual crimes within its flock.

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A False Choice in Virginia and Everywhere: Pitting ‘Health Care’ Against Reproductive Health Care

It was not with just a little bit of discordance when McAuliffe turned around and chose to retain the member of McDonnell's cabinet most charged with implementing his anti-choice laws: Secretary of Health and Human Resources Bill Hazel.

For one thing, health care doesn’t live up to its own name if it segregates and excludes the medical needs—including abortion, contraception, and family planning—of some because of the discriminatory belief systems of others.

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McAuliffe Reappoints McDonnell’s Secretary of Health

Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe has announced his selection of Dr. Bill Hazel as secretary of health and human resources, calling him an "invaluable asset."

Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe has announced his selection of Dr. Bill Hazel as secretary of health and human resources, calling him an “invaluable asset.” Hazel was selected for that cabinet post in 2010 by Gov. Bob McDonnell, and has supported the outgoing governor in the implementation of several anti-choice policies.

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Just Why Is Terry McAuliffe Thinking of Renominating Bill Hazel?

Dr. Bill Hazel, secretary of Health of Human Resources under Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Dr. Bill Hazel, secretary of health and human resources under Gov. Bob McDonnell, represents the insidious face of an apparatchik advancing, supporting, and rubber stamping a war on women that Terry McAuliffe promised to end.

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Terry McAuliffe Considers Retaining Bob McDonnell’s Secretary of Health

Virginia Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe.

Dr. Bill Hazel was involved in an effort to salvage McDonnell’s reputation after the governor became the focus of national attention for pushing a bill that, as originally written, would have subjected women to forced vaginal probes prior to receiving an abortion in the state.

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I Took My Infant Lobbying for the Rights of Pregnant Workers

In between a full day of office visits, author Erin Matson nurses her daughter in the hallway of a congressional office building.

When you’re pregnant, the last two things you want to have to worry about when you’re expecting a baby are your health and your income. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would help ensure that pregnant women are able to follow their doctor’s recommendations without worrying their bosses are going to squeeze them out of a job.

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‘Follow the Leader’ Examines Conservatism, White Boys, and Political Entitlement (Oh My!)

In this screenshot from 'Follow the Leader,' Ben (middle) prays with Cuccinelli (right) and other staff over a meal at a restaurant.

While respectful and serious in the treatment of its subjects, Follow the Leader is a rollicking romp through patriarchy. It is entertaining, illuminating, and a springboard for conversations beneficial to those of us who would prefer to see more than only conservative white boys angling for the oval office.

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Vote Nears for ENDA, With Broader Religious Exemptions (Updated)

Advocates opposing broad religious exemptions in ENDA attend a press conference on Capitol Hill.

The religious exemptions currently folded into the Employment Non-Discrimination Act are broad enough to allow Catholic schools to continue firing teachers for being gay. But these base religious exemptions were not broad enough to satisfy some key Republican senators.

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Religious Exemptions at Issue in Proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act

A strong majority supports protecting LGBTQ people from workplace discrimination, and a proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) introduced in both the House and Senate would make that law—except probably not in Catholic schools and some other religiously affiliated institutions.

ENDA would protect many LGBTQ individuals from workplace discrimination, something a strong majority of Americans support. However, the proposed version of the law would not protect LGBTQ employees at Catholic schools and some other religiously affiliated institutions.

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Judge Rules Abortion Clinic’s Appeal to TRAP Law Can Proceed in Virginia

Attendees from the rally outside the courthouse.

Wednesday morning, an Arlington Circuit Court judge ruled against a motion filed by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to dismiss an appeal by the Falls Church Healthcare Center concerning a TRAP law in the state.

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