Crisis Pregnancy Centers Media Conference Call

RH Reality Check, the Feminist Majority and their partners examine the use of false and misleading information about abortion, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases by crisis pregnancy centers in a recent blog post and documentary video. Many CPCs receive federal tax dollars.  Congress will vote soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, on whether or not to continue public funding of CPCs.

Below is a recording of a media conference call held on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009.  This media conference profiled the special report based on investigations examining what happens in crisis pregnancy centers posing as medical facilities that counsel pregnant women against having an abortion. The report uncovers the use of inaccurate information, scare tactics, and proselytizing at these pregnancy centers, many of which are funded by taxpayer dollars.

to the audio media conference here (the first few minutes of the recording is a bit garbled, but it improves):


Speakers on the conference call included:

Katherine Spillar is Executive Vice-President of the Feminist Majority Foundation. As a founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation, Spillar coordinates and helps oversee the FMF’s reproductive health and rights initiatives including the Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics and National Clinic Access Project. 

Jennifer Cox is a senior majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to participating in grassroots dialogue with anti-choice activists on campus, Cox is involved in the development and presentation of a peer education Sexual Assault Awareness curriculum with the OU Women’s Outreach Center.

Lauren Guy-McAlpin, fromCPC-Watch. CPC Watch is dedicated to exposing fake clinics (so-called "crisis pregnancy centers") and offers a range of resources for women facing unplanned pregnancies. CPC Watch was created in response to the ever-growing influence of anti-choice propaganda on reproductive rights debates today. We believe there is no choice without access, and we cannot claim women are "free to choose" their reproductive destinies when so many well-funded crisis pregnancy centers are pushing false or misleading information all over the country. 

William A. Smith is Vice President for Public Policy for SIECUS. Mr. Smith joined SIECUS in February 2000 and directs its public policy activities, government relations, and advocacy efforts. Mr. Smith advocates on important issues related to reproductive and sexual health including sexuality education, teen sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and sexual orientation on the federal, state, and local levels.

James Wagoner has been at the helm of Advocates for Youth, the leading national organization on adolescent reproductive and sexual health program and policy, since September 1997. A respected public policy expert, Mr. Wagoner is a frequent speaker on the issues of comprehensive sex education, HIV prevention, and teen pregnancy prevention, a frequent contributor to national blogs, and has appeared on television and radio, including CNN Headline News, the Today Show and MSNBC.

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    The crisis pregnancy centers & pregnancy help centers — the ones that are truly pro-life — are the ONLY place where a pregnant girl or woman in crisis can get the truth about pregnancy and abortion. CPCs tell the truth about all kinds of abortions — what they are, how they are done, how the baby is destroyed and how the precious mother’s heart and soul are destroyed by abortion.

    Since the entire abortion industry profits from abortion, the entire abortion industry profits from lies, darkness, fear tactics, racism, eugenics, etc. Anyone who is in denial about this holocaust simply needs to watch the entire Maafa 21 documentary (a clip is available at Extremist pro-abortion feminists have messed things up for normal life-affirming womanhood-affirming feminists.

    The lies and deceptions are the abortion industry’s bread & butter. Billions of our tax dollars are wasted each year on abortion businesses. Abortionists need to stop picking on (oppressing) the little guys, the CPCs and all the people who volunteer their time to save mothers and babies. Abortion functions from hate. Prolife functions from love & life. Instead of killing the babies, the abortion industry needs to save lives & help women who have chosen life.

    Thank you.

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      Not CPCs. When I found out I was pregnant at age 18, I knew I did not want an abortion so I went to a CPC. Bad idea. First they lied and said I wasn’t pregnant, probably as a delay tactic. I said I was sure I was, that I’d had it confirmed by my doctor and was looking for resources. They welcomed me in and handed me adoption papers. I said, no, I want to be a mom. They lashed out at me and said I was being selfish. They said they wanted to help me but only if I was “making the right choice.” I was unmarried, they explained. I eventually left and went back to the family planning clinic, the same ones who confirmed my pregnancy, they also offered abortions. I didn’t want an abortion, but they helped me find all kinds of resources. Prenatal care, even a doula that worked my case for free!!! And mom classes, resources for single moms, you name it, I got it through the “abortion industry.” I now am young mom to a beautiful lil’ boy, and I work with CPC Watch (Lauren Guy-McAlpin’s brainchild, mentioned above) as well as do escort volunteering at the very “abortion clinic” that gave me all the help.

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    At the youth need to lecture about safe sex. There are many young people who have sexually transmitted diseases, as well as many young people who have AIDS.