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    I’ve listened to this broadcast once and intend to listen to it again. The diversity and complexity of issues discussed are fascinating. Listening to a discussion of, by, and for women who thoroughly understand reproductive rights as a human rights issue without having to entertain input from cons and religious right folks was mind-expanding. They have so many fora to frame their Dark Ages thinking without input from their oppenents. Just get in your car and go up and down the am dial. In most parts of this country, they own those frequencies. Thanks so much for putting a link to it on this website. I’m so grateful for the internet. No wonder the con telecom industry wants to do away with net neutrality. It’s the only place where most people can receive non-con, non-religious broadcasts about, by and for women. After all, even if the CEOs believe in full rights for THEIR wives and daughters, the rest of us, in their minds, must be controlled for the sake of “market stability” and such. Controlling women is controlling just over half the population. Nothing does that better than allowing the Dark Agers control mass communications.

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